Hermann, Missouri
Hermann, Missouri

Hermann Hill Couples, April 2015 – Larry & Jeanne

Larry and Jeanne Lamb celebrated their 62nd
wedding anniversary with us this April, a gift from their children. When they arrived
for check in, everyone in the office was sparkly eyed, as if star struck. We
were all so excited to meet them and hear about how they made it to 62 years. I
got the opportunity to meet with them briefly while they were settling into the
Vignoles Suite.
Being a newlywed myself I had to know the secret, so I just
came out and asked, “How do I make it to 62 years of marriage?”
Larry’s advice came first: “Whenever you get aggravated,
always hold your tongue. Don’t say what you’d like to say.”
He shared that he gave this little piece of advice to a
young man who had been divorced 3 times and the man replied, “So, THAT’s what
I’ve been doing wrong!” as if to have an epiphany. I guess not all of us have
such patience in this day and age.
I then asked Jeanne if she had any advice to share. She
smiled, looked at Larry lovingly, and then began to explain that she knew she
wanted to be with Larry for the rest of her life because he was a good
Christian. She eventually summarized her view by saying, “Marry someone who has
your same spiritual mindset as you, so you can always pray together.” I thought
this was really endearing after she mentioned that she didn’t have a strong
spiritual upbringing. She wanted to marry a strong spiritual leader, so she
could attend church with her whole family; something she didn’t always have
growing up.
The Lambs met each other at a summer camp when they were
teenagers. It was love at first sight. They knew right away that they were
meant to be together, although Jeanne knew before Larry. She shared a moment
with us where she was sitting on top of a hill at camp, saw Larry and told her
camp counselor, “That’s the boy I’m going to marry.” She tells the story in our
video, here.

When I asked them what types of things they like to do,
Larry mentioned that they play a game together, nearly every night, instead of
watching television, as a means to winding down from their day. This seemed
like a great way to keep a relationship fresh and real. I could imagine them
laughing together every night as he was explaining their routine. We strive to
provide couples with ways to reconnect in a similar way at Hermann Hill, with
activities like our 3 Mile Walk to simply playing chess in the living room.
Life very often gets busy and we forget to cherish our
spouse, who should be our best friend through everything. I really appreciated how
Larry and Jeanne seemed like best of friends even after 62 years. Maybe if we
can all learn to “hold our tongue” and “pray together” we can all make it to 62
years with our spouse. It seems like having some time to relax and having fun
together on a regular basis could be part of the special formula as well.   
Depending on the type of couple you are, Hermann Hill offers
a variety of options of quiet sanctuary space for you and your spouse. From our
premium spa rooms for couples that want to veg out to our luxury suites for
couples that want to spend time out in town, we have something for every type
of couple. If you’d like to plan a Hermann Hill anniversary celebration for
your parents, friends or even a surprise for your spouse call 573-486-4455 and
let us help you plan an anniversary to remember. 
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