Hermann, Missouri
Hermann, Missouri

Planning a Katy Trail Vacation

If you find yourself needing a break from the daily stresses of work and busy schedules, it may be time to plan your next vacation. There are many popular destinations to choose from but they do not always provide unique experiences. If you are looking for a true adventure, away from casinos and crowded tourist spots, consider planning a Katy Trail vacation. Hermann Hill would be delighted to be your host as you enjoy this getaway.


Katy Trail State Park

The historic 240-mile trail runs along the northern bank of the Missouri River, offering scenic views and a smooth, flat limestone surface that is ideal for low impact walking, running or biking.  Katy Trail State Park is open from sunrise to sunset and features many access spots for parking explore different areas of the trail during your stay. Hermann Hill offers a free shuttle ride for guests to the Katy Trail. 


Scenic Train Ride to Jefferson City

The best way to experience the Katy Trail scenic views is by biking along the trail. Call a bike rental company in St. Louis to make sure you have one to use during your Katy Trail journey. Once you have picked up your bike, head over to the AMTRAK Kirkwood station. Enjoy a scenic two-hour train ride along the Missouri River and arrive at Jefferson City – home to a charming Downtown, architectural treasures, parks and many museums. 


After you are done exploring the beautiful Carnahan Memorial Garden and local cuisine, head over to the North Jefferson trailhead, which connects to the Katy Trail. Soak in the sunshine while biking the picturesque 43 mile ride to Hermann Hill. Make sure to pack sunscreen and water.


Compliment With a Hermann Hill Stay

Book a Tour of Hermann Hill package along with your Hermann Hill suite. This package is the perfect compliment to your Katy Trail journey and includes two 60-minute massages, a picnic lunch with a bottle of wine and a fresh fruit and veggie platter delivered to your suite. 


Explore the Charming Town of Hermann

Hermann is home to many unique, local shops, wineries, distilleries and restaurants. You can use the local trolley, Uber or local taxi to explore everything this magical town has to offer – don’t forget to take a trip to view the surrounding countryside views. 


Stone Hill Winery, located about six blocks south of our Vineyard Inn and Spa, is the perfect stop for wine aficionados. Call ahead to schedule a guided tour of the United States’ longest series of arched underground cellars, followed by wine tasting and for availability at The Vintage Restaurant – a restaurant located in the same property and served both German and American cuisine.


Plan your next adventure with the Katy Trail and Hermann Hill in mind. Together, they are sure to make your experience unforgettable. What could be better than a luxury stay accompanied by the opportunity to explore nature at its finest?

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