Hermann, Missouri
Hermann, Missouri

Hiking Trails and Walking Tours in Hermann MO

Whether you like to strike out on an outdoor adventure, enjoy a vigorous walking trail, or simply like to take a lovely stroll, we offer just the right hiking trails and walking tours in Hermann, MO.
Our trails are full of forest, woodlands, glades, and savannas. The forests are thick wooded areas with a heavy canopy. The woodlands have a lighter canopy with shorter trees and shrubs. They are the transitional areas that lead to grassy meadows (glades) and subtropical meadows (savannas). Although beautiful in all seasons, our trails are stunning in the fall.

Hermann Hill 3-Mile Walk

There is one walk you won’t want to miss. Our own Hermann Hill 3-Mile Walk. We provide a map that not only gives directions, but also shares many insights to the historic places you’ll see along the route. Some of our guests set off at a fast clip and complete the entire route in an hour. Others take a more leisurely pace and enjoy a wine tour, shopping, or lunch along the way. Please enjoy whatever pace you prefer, just make sure to stop by for your bragging rights gift, a FREE “I conquered the Hermann Hill 3 Mile Walk” t-shirt.

Grand Bluffs Conservation Area

Home to giant Canadian geese, this conservation’s harsh bluffs provide safety in their rocky crevices. You may also see turkey vultures, cliff swallows and woodrats on your walk. These hardy animals brave the hot, dry summers and harsh, cold winters on the cliffs. In the 1890’s when many areas were being blasted and quarried, these bluffs were spared. Walkers who strikeout to walk this area will be awarded stunning views from the cliffs across the Missouri River and its floodplains.

Little Lost Creek Conservation Area

This 2,899-acre area is made up mostly of forests, woodlands, and glades with the Little Lost Creek running through it. This crystal clear stream is said to be fed by the spring-fed Ozard stream. You’ll find brilliantly colored fish in the clear waters along with occasional waterfalls. The area provides shelter year-round for wildlife such as deer, turkeys, and grouse. There are also a variety of birds, including some neo-tropical migrating songbirds. This is a place to behold in all seasons, especially the fall.

Katy Trail State Park

Did you know this was the longest rail-trail in the country? The trail brings beauty and history together. As part of the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railroad, there are still 26 trailheads and 4 fully restored depots. It’s a great place to go biking, horse-back riding, or hiking. If you are a history buff, this is definitely a trail you won’t want to miss.

Daniel Boone Conservation Area

This 6.8 mile trail flows through lush woodlands, glads, savannas, and thick woods similar to where Daniel Boone himself may have walked. If you enjoy rustic camping, this is the tour for you. There are several primitive camping sites for the hearty camper in the spring, who will enjoy the melodies of the migrating neo-tropical songbirds.

Hermann City Walking Tours

Hermann is a German colony built with the intent to be “German in every particular.” These walking tours can be taken at your own pace so you can relax and enjoy learning about the early settlers as they made their new home in the New World.

City Park Walking Tour in Hermann

You’ll start at the Rotunda in our City Park, move on to the Bandstand and the Charles Eitzen Memorial. As you continue you will learn about some of the earliest families who settled in Hermann to grow grapes and make wine.

Hermann Riverfront Walking Tour

This is truly an historic walking tour of Hermann. Starting just steps away from our Welcome Center, you’ll move throughout the center of town visiting the courthouse, concert hall, the mill, a distilling company, museum and the old German schoolhouse. During this tour you will learn about the daily life of our early settlers.

Historic Buildings of East Second Street Walking Tour

If you enjoy architecture and history, this tour is for you. The tour is less than a mile in length but is filled with well-preserved structures from the beginnings of our town. Take note of the details and amazing construction of our historic treasures.

Bayer Walking Tour

The Bayer Walking Tour will take you straight uphill from the Hermannhof Winery to Highway H. On your way you’ll see both the past and the future of our town. You’ll also learn about George Bayer, the founder of Hermann. It’s quite a sad story as you read about him. But you’ll have to take the tour to learn more.

Enjoy a Relaxing Stay

Plan your next trip with a stay at our boutique hotel. After enjoying the abundant hiking trails and walking tours in Hermann, MO, you’ll enjoy a relaxing evening at Hermann Hill. You may even want to book the next day at our rejuvenating spa. Book your next trip today!

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