Hermann, Missouri
Hermann, Missouri
Friends toasting with wine outside with Missouri River in the background

Wineries, Breweries, and Distilleries

During your stay, be sure to visit some of the famous Hermann, MO wineries and breweries in the area. Grape growing and wine making in Hermann and the surrounding countryside has been ongoing since the arrival of the first German settlers in the early 1800s. Hermann has been in the forefront of the Missouri wine industry since 1837, a year after the town was founded. So it’s no surprise that our guests tell us that visiting Hermann’s award-winning wineries is part of their tradition when staying at Hermann Hill. We think you should try the Norton and Vignoles variety at each of the local wineries to compare different finishes of the same locally grown grapes.

Vineyard in Hermann

Pick Your Favorite

There are ten area wineries, five distilleries, and two breweries within a 15 mile radius of Hermann.

Our guests tell is that the most popular wineries are Stone Hill, Hermannhof, and Adam Puchta. Tin Mill Brewery has a good selection of craft beers that are quite popular. Pickney Bend has the best distillery tour.

Hermann Wine Trail

These Seven wineries are part of the Hermann Wine Trail. For more information visit the Hermann Wine Trail website.

Grapes at a vineyard
Couple toasting with wine

Adam Puchta Winery

Visiting this family winery might give you an idea of what the Hermann area was like prior to prohibition, when there were over 60 local wineries. They often pair wines with different kinds of food flavors. Two miles west of Hermann on Highway 100 West. Dog friendly.

Visit the Adam Puchta Winery

Bias Winery and Gruhlke’s Microbrewery

This is the first Missouri winery to add a microbrewery. Located about fifteen miles east of Hermann, it has abundant picnic tables for your lunch and great views of the Missouri River bottoms. Dog Friendly.

Visit Bias Winery and Gruhlke’s Microbrewery

Dierberg Estate Vineyard and Star Lane Vineyard

The Dierberg and Star Lane California produced wines are made for connoisseurs looking for dry wines to compete with the best that California can offer. Their tasting room is located downtown in the historic Cooperage building next door to Hermannhof Winery.

Visit the Dierberg Estate Vineyard and Star Lane Vineyard

Hermannhof Winery

Hosting a wide range of wines including fruit and sparkling wines, Hermannhof also offers locally produced sausages and specialty cheeses that you can enjoy on a table in their courtyard. Located downtown. Cellar tours available. Dog friendly.

Visit the Hermannhof Winery

Oak Glenn Vineyards & Winery

Great views of the Missouri River Valley from this river bluff winery that once was owned by the grandfather of wine in American, George Husmann. Oak Glenn has a large selection of wine and other alcohol and is located about three miles east of Hermann off Highway 100.

Visit Oak Glenn Vineyards & Winery

Robller Vineyard

Using a dry farming approach, Robller produces some unique European inspired wines from regional varietals. Located in the rolling hills just east of New Haven, Robller Vineyard is about 15 miles east of Hermann. Dog friendly.

Visit the Robller Vineyard

Stone Hill Winery

Hermann’s largest winery with many varieties and the best tour, Stone Hill features some amazing underground cellars and an expansive tasting room. Established in 1847 and well before the Napa Valley wine industry, Stone Hill grew to be the second largest winery in the United States. Enjoy your picnic lunch from tables that allow you take a selfie with our Vineyard Inn in the background. Located just south of the Inn in the western city limits of Hermann. Dog friendly.

Visit the Stone Hill Winery

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Other Area Wineries

Endless Summer Winery
Specializes in fruit wines, this winery is located about 8 miles north of Hermann on Highway 19.

Lost Creek Winery
This winery can be reached from the KATY Trail or by vehicle off Highway 94, about 10 miles northeast of Hermann.

Martin Brothers
All Martin Brothers wine is made from honey; the historical term for honey wine is Mead. The winery is located west of Hermann off the Old iron Road

Area Distilleries

Vodka at a distillery

Black Shire

Black Shire Distillery just opened in Hermann for tours and tastings, producing Vodka, Gin, Hallelujah White Whiskey and Eau-de-vie Vin. Their tasting room is at First and Gutenberg in downtown Hermann.

Drinks lined up at a distillery


Currently sampling and selling a straight Rye whiskey, Limited Edition Wheat Whiskey, Straight Rye Whiskey, Limited Edition Wheat Whiskey, Young Bourbon, and Bourbon Mash Moonshine.

Drinks from a distillery

Pinckney Bend

Featuring the best distillery tour, this distillery is located in downtown New Haven, about 15 miles east of Hermann. They feature several varieties of Gin, Vodka, Whiskey, and an amazing tonic syrup. Dog friendly

Whiskey at a distillery

Wood Hat Distillery

Wood Hat Distillery is unique in many ways. Their still is wood fired and they use locally grown grains and fruits in their spirits. They also do all their fermenting, distilling and aging on site and are located about 15 miles north of Hermann. Dog friendly.

glass with

Copper Mule Distillery

The name “Copper Mule Distillery” comes from the mules that were raised on the farm where the distillery was built. Copper plays an important role in the material makeup of distilling equipment for its heat conductive properties.

Don is producing his 1893 whiskey one barrel at a time and each barrel comes with a production log.

Visit Copper Mule

Beers on tap at a brewery

Local Breweries

Tin Mill Brewery
Tin Mill was established in 2005 and is located in a historic grain processing plant in downtown Hermann. They have an extensive number of locally produced craft beers. Dog friendly

Gruhlke’s Microbrewery
Co-located at Bias Winery, Gruhlke’s features locally produced craft beers. Located about 15 miles east of Hermann. Dog friendly

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