Hermann, Missouri
Hermann, Missouri

Hermann Hill Weddings’ Second Ceremony Space Under-Goes Construction

Hermann Hill Weddings is proud to bring you our second outdoor ceremony venue, scheduled to be ready to use this fall. After receiving this beautiful photo of one of our elopements in July, Terry was inspired to start creating a ceremony space on the river. Brainstorming with staff and plans to begin production started in the end of July.

By early August, Terry and staff began pulling trees off the cliff to make room for the stunning view over looking the river. With a little man power and a tractor, the cliff was clear within a couple of days. 

Next, an Olympic pool size hole was dug in the ground to accommodate the raised platform of
 concrete which will not interfere with the organic look of the space being created. In the image below you can catch the smile on Terry’s face as he plays in the dirt.

The new space is expected to feature a raise garden, stage and modern styled lamp posts, in attempt to give brides a completely different look from the traditional gazebo. The river and the sky dominate this space and would be great for brides that want a completely natural looking ceremony, but it could be also easily customized with free standing pieces like arbors.  
Other additions to the space include: completing the ramp that was intended for DJ arrival into the Pavilion, walking curbs and handicap accessibility, connection access to Celebration Point, and the capacity to hold up to 300 guests.

Peggy and Terry Hammer
Owners & Innkeepers
Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn

View of green trees and vineyard