Hermann, Missouri
Hermann, Missouri

Had enough wine? Try some German beer at Tin Mill Brewery

Prior to Prohibition, Hermann was known for its beer as well as its wine. Today, fewer folks know about the local beer produced at Tin Mill Brewery. Being the avid beer drinker that I am, Tin Mill was one of the first hot spots I visited after moving to town. I’m happy to report that Tin Mill’s beer is some of the best I’ve ever tasted, and as a college student, I’ve tasted a lot of beer. For $5 you get to try a 5-oz glass of each of Tin Mill’s four year-round beers plus a seasonal brew – I was lucky enough to try the out-of-season brew, too – and I loved them all. I like the light Skyscraper brew better than Budweiser and Miller. Doppelbock, the darkest, heaviest beer, is outstanding.

Tin Mill celebrates Hermann’s German roots by using the traditional German purity codes to make its beers. The barley, hops and the copper brew kettles Tin Mill uses are even imported from Germany. Tin Mill is also one of the few brewers in the U.S. to use the Krausening brewing process, in which a little newly fermented beer is added to vats of fermenting beer to “recharge” it and create natural carbonation, according to Tin Mill’s website.

You’ll enter the brewery through a front room with a bar and some tables where you can sit and taste your samples or enjoy a pitcher of your favorite brew. You can then walk through a glass-walled hallway to see the brewing process, and you’ll end up in the gift shop. If you love Tin Mill’s beer as much as I did, pick up some souvenirs to spread the word about it back home. I’m not leaving Hermann without a Tin Mill T-shirt. Or a case of Doppelbock. Cheers!


114 Gutenberg St.

Right in front of Brewery and all along Guttenberg Street

M-Th 11am-5pm
F-Sat 11am-6pm
Sun 12pm-5pm


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