Things to Do at Hermann Hill

There are many things to do while staying with us at Hermann Hill. We’ll make sure your vacation in Hermann, MO is both enjoyable and memorable. Whether you’re looking for something active or simply wish to relax, there is something for everyone. Our 3 Mile Walk is one of the most popular activities at the resort among many other things to do.

Hermann Hill 3 Mile Walk

The 3 Mile Walk has become a tradition for many of our guests staying at Hermann Hill. Starting and ending at the Vineyard Inn & Spa, the 3 Mile Walk is a self-guided and narrated tour beginning with about 300 feet of gravel path through the woods. The rest of the walk is on streets and alleys. While some guests complete the walk in one hour, others take several hours and include a winery tour, lunch, shopping, and perhaps a stop at one of the fine museums or other historic venues along the way. No matter how long you decide to take during your walk be sure to come by our gift shop to receive your free “I conquered the Hermann Hill 3 Mile Walk” t-shirt.

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Forest of Gongs

Guests have been enjoying the Forest of Gongs at Hermann Hill for more than 15 years. The Forest of Gongs is an array of gongs each painted green and representing a word the best describes a couple’s relationship. The words are romance, unconditional, strength, passion, soul mates, magic, and excitement. Couples choose which gong represents their relationship and hit the gong with a rubber mallet for each year they were married sending the echoes of the gongs over the valley and town of Hermann.

Personal Chapel

Tucked away in wooded area at our River Bluff Cottages, the personal chapel allows guests a private space to reflect on their life and their relationships.  Couples may want to use the solitude of the personal chapel to let go of a past hurt, talk through a problem, or simply share their hopes and dreams. We encourage all of our guests on their next getaway to Hermann Hill to shut the doors to the personal chapel and shut out the world even if only for a few moments.

Celebration Point – Great for Sunsets

Celebration Point was originally built as a gathering area for cocktail parties for our brides and grooms and their wedding guests. It didn’t take long for our lodging guests to notice the majestic views that Celebration Point features. Many of our guests enjoy visiting Celebration Point with one of our packed to-go lunches or a bottle of wine while taking in the views and sunsets over the Missouri River Valley. Plan your next sunset celebration with your loved one by finding the sunset time during your stay.

Sunrises from the Inn Dining Deck

On many mornings, you can see guests sitting out on their private deck or on our dining deck enjoying a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise over the Norton Vineyard and historic town of Hermann together. It’s a view worth waking up early for!

CLICK HERE to download and print a PDF of all the 3 Mile Walk points of interest.