Hermann, Missouri
Hermann, Missouri

Self-Check-In? Yes, Please

Our goal as experts in hospitality is to make your stay ultimately relaxing and truly unforgettable. And since we know each guest arrives with different ideas, expectations and past experiences, we’ve found that the best way to leave a lasting impression is to make your stay as customizable as possible. 

This is precisely why we’ve added a self-check-in option for our guests in search of a truly secluded stay here in the heart of Missouri’s wine country.

Here’s How It Works

    1. Confirmation. Upon booking your stay at Hermann Hill, all guests will receive a confirmation email, call and text message. The text message contains the sign-in sheet that needs to be filled out before arrival.
    2. Check-In Time. Your room will be prepped and typically ready for you by 4 pm. Thorough cleanings, restocking and preparing any enhancements will always take place before you arrive.
    3. Key Codes. You will receive your key code earlier on the day you are set to come through the email that is on your reservation. You will need to sign up for Direct Key in order to use your phone as your key.
    4. All-Access. Your key code gives you access to more than just your room. That same code can be used to open the front door of the Inn. So guests staying at the cottages can enjoy the Inn’s margarita and appetizer bar (open from 4 pm to 7 pm).

Not only does the self-check-in option offer contactless access to your much-needed getaway, but it also allows you to decompress from your drive before venturing out – if you so choose. Many of our guests say settling in their rooms before enjoying a margarita has made their stay just that much more relaxing.

We are genuinely thrilled to sit down with guests (staying at either the Vineyard Inn or Riverbluff Cottages) who still prefer our regular, more detailed check-in experience. This includes kicking back at the Vineyard Inn’s lounging area with a margarita and chatting about all the details of your stay with one of our friendly front desk experience coordinators (who are always available and happy to answer questions).

When it comes to checking-in, we’ll go to great lengths to make sure you’re comfortable. At Hermann Hill, we never want to push you outside of your comfort zone. In fact, we want to be your comfort zone. We’ll continue working hard to make sure we exceed our guests’ wants and needs – from check-in to check-out. 


A luxuriously exceptional getaway is within reach at Hermann Hill. Book your stay with us today and design a highly-customizable experience for yourself!

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