Hermann, Missouri
Hermann, Missouri

September Guest Contest Winners

September Guest Contests

We feature three different guest contests that give guests the opportunity to win Hermann Hill Gift Certificates:

1 – The Relationship Tips Contest: offering guests the opportunity to share tips about how to keep a relationship strong and healthy, winners get a $100 gift certificate (we pick 2).
2 – The Art Contest: The best art sketch gets a $50 gift certificate and a copy of their drawing.
3 – Our New Social Media Contest: The best photo of Hermann Hill gets a $50 gift certificate.

The Relationship Tips Contest: This month’s winner’s made us smile for one reason or another.

“One of our favorite ways to connect is to wake up early every morning and get outside right away. Being outside as a family in the quiet and stillness of the early morning, whether walking or riding around on our bikes, is the perfect way to wake up together, have uninterrupted time to talk, and connect before starting our days.”

– Greg & Melissa Kelly – St. Louis

“You should who love to each daily through touch & kissing. This is part of the pickling process. Once you know you are truly in love, you will feel pickled. The pickling process is like when the pickle is placed in pickling juice it is absorbed throughout the pickle. After a while of loving this same process be in your relationship to ferment into a drunken love forever.”

– Gary McMullin & Marilyn Lehma, Sedalia, MO

Art Contest Winner: JK Schulz from Carbondale, IL

Our Social Media Guest Winner: Maria Shaub, Vichy, MO

Peggy and Terry Hammer
Owners & Innkeepers
Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn

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