Hermann, Missouri
Hermann, Missouri

Hermann Hill Couples, September 2015- Andrew & Melissa

Andrew and Melissa’s first met a party in high school after their school lost a football game. Even though the party had a designated area for lower and upper classmen, Melissa some how managed to sneak into Andrew’s part of the party. They spotted each other immediately and their chemistry grew throughout the night as Andrew flirted up Melissa and she laughed with him. Their connection was so strong that night that they stayed together throughout their remaining high school years, throughout college and eventually Andrew’s med school.

Obviously Melissa’s support through Andrew’s schooling was a great endeavor for both of them, so I asked Melissa to share how she was able to do it, she replied that she really family support was key to their on going, loving relationship. In this video interview, they share how togetherness is a family concept, not just a couple concept and that giving to each other, without looking for anything in return, keeps their relationship young and happy.

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