Hermann, Missouri
Hermann, Missouri

Civil War Days at Hermann Farm

Civil War Days, September 18-20th, in Hermann Missouri take place on the Hermann Farm & Museum, an extension of Hermannhof and operated by the Dierberg Educational Foundation. This unique interactive opportunity invites guests to witness and understand Missouri’s part in the Civil War and the impact that it had on Hermann in the 1860s. Union and Confederate camps along with the 8th Missouri Calvary illustrate battle reenactments with cannons and riffles with additional reenactments including blacksmith demonstrations, cooking, weaving and more. Tickets cost $10 for adults and $5 for children over the age of 3 and ages 0-3 are free.

Hermann Farm & Museum is a beautiful representation of an early agricultural German settlement. Its open-air museum approach invites guests to experience a glimpse into what the early pioneer industry of Hermann must have been like. Among the history houses, livestock and model vineyards, the Hermann Farm demonstrates something of what life would have been like for Charles Manwaring and George Husmann, two men who pioneered Hermann’s first vineyards and wine industry. Two of Hermann Hill’s Cottages are named after Manwaring and Husmann.

Places to visit on the Hermann Farm include: the vineyards and orchards, stables and farmhouses, a wagon works and forge house, which can be rented out for special occasions, as well as various historic houses recreated according to Hermann’s early history.

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