Hermann, Missouri
Hermann, Missouri

August Guest Contest Winners!

August Guest Contests

We feature three different guest contests that give guests the opportunity to win Hermann Hill Gift Certificates:

1 – The Relationship Tips Contest: offering guests the opportunity to share tips about how to keep a relationship strong and healthy, winners get a $100 gift certificate (we pick 2).
2 – The Art Contest: The best art sketch gets a $50 gift certificate and a copy of their drawing.
3 – Our New Social Media Contest: The best photo of Hermann Hill gets a $50 gift certificate.

Social Media Contest Winner: Rosanna Mae

Art Contest Winner: Gaye Gambell-Peterson

The Relationship Contest Winners: We loved the specifics that came from this months winners.
“We have been married 40 years and we have a beautiful exciting life together. One thing we do is be supportive of each other in all aspects of our life. We value the strengths of each other and that creates such a comforting environment for marriage. Neither of us is controlling, we are each free to be ourselves in our own comfort zone. I have seen the opposite of that in a marriage and it doesn’t work. 
1. Build each other up, don’t tear each other down. 
2. Be a safe haven for your partner, who they can celebrate or cry in sorrow and you are there. 
3. Never stop having fun – travel, try new thing, enjoy people. 
4. Be a solid rock and safe harbor for your spouse.” 
– Tom & Brenda Webb, Searcy, AR
“1. Keep laughing together. Smiles and laughter are medically proven to increase the happiness of you and others around you. Enjoy the goofy quirks that make you and your spouse unique. 
2. We’ve heard this one before, but keep dating each other. Dress up nice once in a while. Go dancing. Wear that cologne she really likes or that lingerie that excites him. Keep remembering how you fell in love. 
3. Treat each other with respect. You will arguments. You will get angry. Try not to get others involved in your arguments. Apologize, if not for being wrong, but for words you may have said. Support each other in front of others. Avoid secrets with each other. Don’t lie, (ever). 
4. Share the burden. Everyone wants to set up family/household responsibilities ahead of time, but things change. She may be the one working nights, while he cooks for the kids. When one of you is sick, the house can’t fall apart. Be flexible… 
5. Put each other first. Yes, kids will take up a log of your time, as will jobs and other adventures. Make life changing decisions based on what’s best for you as a couple and your happy home. Take a weekend for just the two of you. Don’t take that pay raise if it means spending too much time from home that hurts your family. 
6. Do things together. Decorate the home together. Get a spa treatment together. Put the kids to bed together. Yes, there will be some activities you don’t share, and you can enjoy a guy’s night bowling or girls only crafting session. However, doing even the smallest tasks together, such as cooking dinner, improves cooperation and trust with each other as a team. You are in this together for life. Learn your own best way to keep you strong. 
7. Your relationship is unique and special. Don’t compare you, your spouse, or your relationship with others. Don’t let others tell you how to solve your problems. They don’t know everything about you and your spouse. Look to God if you need help. Always remember that as each person is unique, so are relationships.”
– Travis & Meghan Knife, Rolla, MO

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