Hermann, Missouri
Hermann, Missouri

Hermann Hill Couples, July 2015 – Keith and Harriet

Keith and Harriet’s love for each other started with a spontaneous motorcycle ride in Smithville, Missouri. Although their friends and family had other plans for who they should have been dating, their attraction to each other was immediate as they both had a love of road freedom. Like Harriet describes in this video, “I always enjoyed riding his motorcycle and other girls didn’t like to do that.” That spontaneous energy got them through life’s twists and turns as they are now celebrating 50 years of marriage at Hermann Hill. 
Keith got a motorcycle when he was a teenager as an attempt to get him out of dangerous car racing. That motorcycle not only gave him a new sense of freedom but helped him find Harriet and throughout their life they have enjoyed long motorcycle trips, car racing and flying as Keith has a private pilot’s license.

When we asked them what the secret was to staying in love for 50 years, Keith answered:  
“I don’t feel like we’ve been married 50 years… I guess just feeling like you did when you got married, and knowing that this is the same gal I married and I wanted to be with the rest of my life. The only way I can do that is to treat her right, and act civilized and stay away from the guys that get into trouble and be a family man.”   

With all the thrills of racing, flying and riding it seems the couple has had a bit of luck on their side after 50 years. They shared a story with us about how Keith was drafted to the army, but sent home after bootcamp and the couple escaped a long military deployment. Then Harriet shared later about how their wedding day was ruined by a flood that had destroyed her bridesmaids’ town. After children, grandchildren and 50 years of love and thrills, this couple is bursting with enthusiasm and devotion. 

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