Hermann, Missouri
Hermann, Missouri

Misty Mornings at Hermann Hill

As many of you know, the historic wine town of Hermann sits
in the Missouri River Valley, lending itself to beautiful foggy mornings as the
fogs rise from the river. One of our favorite photographs was taken in August
early one morning while the fog was lifting off of our Vineyard Inn. The image
appears as an icon on our website and Facebook page and is often met with the expression
“Is that in the United States?”
Early bird guests can catch this special misty landscape from their private balcony overlooking Hermann, or from out dining deck where this stunning misty photo was taken, capturing St. George Church floating on a cloud of fog:

Here is a little glimpse into a quiet morning at Hermann Hill Inn & Spa, shot on June 16th at around 6:20 am. This little video features the first few steps of our 3 Mile Walk which takes guests through a forested area behind the Inn and out into the historic town of Hermann.
We often think of our River Bluff Cottages as our “sunset” location and the Vineyard Inn as our “sunrise” location, but the River Bluff Cottages prove equally as beautiful in the rain or morning fog. Here is Wedding Chapel from early Spring, also in the morning mist and rainy fog:  


Peggy and Terry Hammer
Owners & Innkeepers
Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn

View of green trees and vineyard