Hermann, Missouri
Hermann, Missouri

Lewis and Clark’s Adventures on the Hill!

Clark was a great friend and playmate to many of our guests.  He loved spending day’s with Lewis basking in the sun or assisting our staff with bringing in supplies (see photo to the left).   Whatever Clark was doing he always found a way to make it a mischievous adventure.  We adopted Clark in October of 2013 when he was 8 weeks old. 
immediately took Clark under his paw, sharing his toys and trying to show Clark the
ropes on the Hill.  Clark usually did a great job greeting guests and trying to
encourage guests to give him an extra treat. The puppy years with Clark were never boring to say the least.  Lewis and Clark shared many adventures in our Norton Vineyard and had several blogs written by our interns including, Lewis & Clark Hermann Hill Explorers, A Rainy Day in the Vineyard, Vineyard Adventures Part 1 & Part 2  click on any link to read more about all the fun times they shared together.

Regrettably as Clark approached his adolescent  years his behavior began to change and Lewis’s docile personality was no match for Clark’s growing need to
be a rebel.  After guest complaints about being too aggressive, we knew it was time for Clark to
find a new home where he could roam free and bark at anything he wanted
to.  Although it was not easy for Peggy and Terry or our staff, we have
comfort in knowing he has found a great new home.  Even better, the new owner’s share videos of Clark with us, like this latest video of him barking at a herd of

Peggy and Terry Hammer
Owners & Innkeepers
Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn

View of green trees and vineyard