Hermann, Missouri
Hermann, Missouri

The Hermann Variety

           Located directly off of the Missouri River,
Hermann may seem like a small town to pass through on the way to some larger
destination, but don’t be fooled; this little town has big events, bigger character,
and the biggest heart of any other city within a hundred mile radius.  They are the king of Bed and Breakfasts, and
one in particular,  Hermann Hill Inn and
Spa, sits above the rest offering countless amenities, incredible service,
upscale living spaces and prime location with an unforgettable view. 
          Upon arrival, the very best of Hermann
hospitality is shown as the stain-glass front door is opened and the guest is
graciously welcomed to the Inn.  Each
visitor receives their own personal attendant to explain all of the features
included with their stay, and the countless other experiences Hermann has to
offer.  As the attendant shows the guest
around their temporary home, a gasp might be heard as the visitor gets their
first glance of the town from the top of Hermann Hill.  Overlooking Norton vineyards, and historic
Hermann, Missouri, this remarkable view is the perfect way to be introduced
into the community. 
          Popular activities among Hermann travelers
include riding the trolley to four local wineries including: Stone Hill, Adam
Puchta, Oakglenn, and Hermannhof to enjoy wine tastings, mingle with locals and
other travelers, or to simply relax and appreciate time away from hectic,
everyday life.  The Tin Mill Brewery and
self-guided tour is also another great option for the beer connoisseur, or
anyone wanting to learn how beer is made. 
Six local brews are offered for consumption at this unique location.  Varying from light, to heavy, these lagers are
sure to please. 
          Not much of a drinker? That’s ok!  Hermann is also the perfect location for the
outdoors enthusiast.  Guests at the
Hermann Hill Inn and Spa can take the, “Hermann Hill Three-Mile Walk
Challenge,” as a self-guided tour around town to see the many historic
monuments and landmarks of this predominantly German town.  
exciting option for travelers of all ages is taking a bike ride through the
countryside on the Katy Trail, a National Park located right across the
Missouri River.  On this trail, bikers
move at their own pace, stopping at any time for a quick drink, lunch break or
photo opportunity.  After a long day of
outdoor explorations, these adventure seekers will be ready for calm, relaxing
evening, and staying at Hermann Hill River Bluff Cottages is the perfect way for
those wanting a peaceful evening to get away from it all.   Overlooking the Missouri, these cottages are
sure to satisfy with aesthetically pleasing view, and an equally relaxing
getaway.  Unwinding has never been easier
than while watching the sunset over the river from a hot tub on your own
private deck. 
          If you ask a guest, after their stay in
Hermann, “What was your favorite part?” the answers will be immensely diverse,
and when asking, “What does Hermann have to offer?” the answers will be
numerous.  The truth of the matter is
Hermann, Missouri has countless ways to create enjoyable, everlasting memories;
now the only question is, “How will you make yours?”

Peggy and Terry Hammer
Owners & Innkeepers
Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn

View of green trees and vineyard