Hermann, Missouri
Hermann, Missouri

Benefits of a Massage at Hermann Hill’s Vineyard Inn & Spa

Benefits of massage have long been documented. Massage is an
important tool to help relax, release and soothe your muscles. The therapists
at Hermann Hill Vineyard Inn & Spa, one of the leading Missouri Spa’s, use a variety of techniques and strokes to best accommodate
your body’s needs.  Our Swedish massage uses long continuous and kneading
strokes to promote increased blood circulation and relax soft tissue.  After a
day of antiquing, visiting wineries, or our scenic self-guided 3-mile walk or bike ride on the KatyTrail your muscles might need extra attention.  Our deep tissue and trigger
point therapy may be what you need to help alleviate the pain caused by the
buildup of lactic acid in your muscles which can cause knots and soreness.
Massage can help to break up trigger points or tiny knots that develop in a
muscle that is injured or overworked.  Trigger points can cause multiple
problems including headaches, stiffness and referred pain.  For deep relaxation
the Missouri River Hot Stone massage might be the experience you’re seeking.
Therapists place warm stones over your body to help loosen tightness so they
are able to better manipulate your tissue. Using warm stones and their hands to
massage, your stress will melt from your muscles. Here at the Hermann Hill  Vineyard Inn & Spa
you can go on an aroma journey with scented Aveda Massage oils which will not only help
muscle tension but also calm your mood and stress level. All of our massages
use the Aveda Product Line which is the leader in delivering organic,
sustainable or renewable ingredients. We can also provide you the same products
we use at our Missouri spa for home
use. Visit our website for more information on our different Aveda massages and packages.

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