Hermann Hill Always Strives for the Best Guest Experience

At Hermann Hill, we are always striving to improve our guest’s experience and we feel the best way that we can do that is through feedback and suggestions from our guests.  These suggestions have already led to several changes at both Hermann Hill Vineyard Inn & Spa, as well as our Riverbluff Cottages.  After receiving rave reviews about our Riverbluff Cottage steam showers, we have added steam showers to select Inn Suites.  Guests also commented that they would like to have screen doors on our Riverbluff Cottage deck doors so they could enjoy the breeze off of the Missouri river and today, you will find all of our Riverbluff Cottages now equipped with screen doors.  We have begun other changes as well with the addition of hot tub rooms to the Seyval, Vignoles and Virginia Seedling Suites as well as a spa room and a larger gift shop area that we hope to have completed by June.  We always look forward to suggestions from our guests, so please share with us what you feel we do right or what we can do to improve your experience at Hermann Hill Vineyard Inn & Spa and River Bluff Cottages— “where the Missouri and memories meet.”

Peggy and Terry Hammer Your Hermann Missouri Bed and Breakfast Hosts

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