Hermann, Missouri
Hermann, Missouri

Latest Additions at Hermann Hill

An enclosed pavilion . . .with spectacular Missouri River views is the latest addition at Hermann Hill Village. The climate-controlled space, which can seat 200 guests, is adjacent to the River Room on the lower level of the Chapel. Missouri River Halle is the leading contender for a name for the new space . . . but we’re always open to suggestions. On the subject of names . . .we had a great time (and learned a lot, too) researching names for the five cottages that perch above the river at Hermann Hill Village. Hermann’s lively and unusual history is one of the things that makes a stay here so special. Our hope is that guests will be inspired to learn a little more about the past as they enjoy pleasures of the present. Starting at the top of the hill, cottage and unit names are: #1 Early Settler Cottage

101 | Osage Indians
Among our first settlers, the Osage had a great culture and traded with the white settlers.
102 | Polly Phillips
Perhaps Hermann’s first innkeeper, Polly kindly took in the 17 members of the Settlement Society who decided to get a jump on the rest of the group and arrived on the last steamboat from St. Louis in December, 1837.
103 | George Bayer
Schoolmaster George Bayer was appointed the first manager of the German Settlement Society. He purchased the 11,000 acres now known as Hermann, perhaps because it most reminded him of his German birthplace. Bayer was to direct every aspect of the settlement, arbitrate all disputes, write copious reports to the society, and keep everyone happy and satisfied. Of course he failed.
104 | Edward Muehl and Jacob Graf
Editors of the first Hermann newspapers, Muehl and Graf were known for their staunch anti-slavery positions.

#2 Steamboat Cottage

201 | Captains Heckmann
Three Heckmann brothers were famous riverboat captains, with many exploits on the Missouri River.
202 | Dorothy Heckmann Shrader
The niece of Steamboat Bill Heckmann, Dorothy wrote a three-book chronicle of her family’s Missouri River adventures.

#3 Wine Cottage

301 | Hermann Winemakers
Prior to Prohibition George Hussmann, Michael Poeschel, and George Stark helped make Hermann the second largest wine producing area in the United States. Only New York bottled more wine.
302 | Charles Manwaring
Our first Civil War casualty was killed in 1864 by Confederate bushwackers at the Hermann wharf. Charles, who was George Hussman’s partner and brother-in-law, had established a grapevine mail order business.

#4 Monument Cottage

401 | Charles Eitzen
Hermann’s most famous merchant and philanthropist provided funding for the magnificent Gasconade County Courthouse.
402 | George Johnson
A timekeeper during construction of the 1929 Missouri River bridge, George was a Hermann institution with a wealth of great stories.

#5 Legacy Cottage

501 | Ed Kemper
Inventor, photographer, horticulturalist Ed Kemper was Hermann’s first Ford dealer.
502 | Anna Kemper Hesse
An artist, author and historian, Anna Hesse was instrumental in preserving Hermann’s unique German heritage.

Whether you choose a room at the inn or in a private cottage overlooking the river, please come see us soon. It would be a shame to miss Hermann in springtime.

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