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Continue south on Washington Street to the corner of Stark Blvd.

On the west side of Washington St. just before you reach Stark Blvd. is the former Stark Mansion. Built in 1885 by George Stark, a former owner of Stone Hill Winery, it was commonly called the “wine castle”. The home is thought to have been designed by the same architect who designed the Governor's Mansion in Jefferson City, Missouri. It has served as a medical clinic and the Workman hospital. George Stark was mentioned earlier as the man who purchased the rooster for St. Paul church. You can see the rooster from the sidewalk in front of the home. The building is currently a private residence.

The large white house on the southwest corner of Stark Blvd. was built around 1900 by George Stark as a wedding gift for his daughter. It is now the Europa Restaurant, which features continental cuisine.

Take a look across Washington St. to the upper level of the city park. This is the area where the school children held their May Picnic. Just inside the stone archway is a bust of Charles Eitzen, the liberal and public-spirited citizen who is closely associated with much of the early progress of the town. He proved to be one of Missouri's largest philanthropists.

The brick building at the rear of the park is the Rotunda. It is an eight-sided building, one of the few remaining in the state of Missouri. It was erected in 1864 by the Gasconade County Agricultural Association, and was used for agricultural and wine exhibitions. In 1951, the building was restored by the Brush & Palette Club, and has since been used for plays, pageants, and exhibitions.

The Bandstand also was built about the same time. While it is no longer used for concerts, it represents the important part music has played since Hermann was founded. Since the first music-loving settlers arrived here, Hermann has always had a band. The Music-Chor Blech Instrumenten (meaning choral group with band instruments) was formed in 1839, less than two years after the first settlers arrived. Later groups included the Apostel Band and the Enterprise Military Band. Since 1946, Hermann has had a large city band, one of only five city bands remaining in the state of Missouri. Other popular musical groups include the Hungry Five Band and the Loehnig German Band. Both groups play at festivals, parades and many special events. They play for audiences in the United States and abroad.

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