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Walk on the west side of Mozart St. to W. 6th St. Cross W. 6th St. and go right (west) one block to Washington St. (At the corner of West 6th and Mozart St., notice how close to the street the homes were built. The early settlers built their homes close to the front of their property to leave as much space as possible at the rear for gardens and vineyards. In the early days, residents were encouraged to contribute grapes to the wine industry. In later years, alleys were constructed between the streets, decreasing the size of the lots.

As you walk along W. 6th St., notice that many homes have standing seam tin roofs. These roofs were popular in their day because they were very economical. Can you imagine what these buildings would have sounded like during a rain or hail storm before insulation was used? Even today, homeowners are replacing their old roofs with a newer version of the standing seam roof.)

Cross Washington St. Walk south. Stop at the corner of W. 7th St.


The brick building facing W. 7th St. was once the Klinge Hotel. It was built about 1850. The building was a popular hotel and boarding house for farmers who hauled their goods to Hermann in horse-drawn wagons to sell at the Market House. Notice that there are no windows at the end of the hotel building. This is because it was patterned after the row houses in Germany, which did not have windows at the ends because they were built so close together. The farmers boarded their horses in the stable, the white and red clapboard building facing Washington St.

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