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Turn right (west) onto W. 5th St. Walk one block. Stop at the corner of Mozart St.

The two-story brick building with the green shutters on the north side of W. 5th St. was Hermann's first school. It was built in 1839 as a one-room school house. The second story was added in 1852. The first teacher, Anton Hemme, taught all subjects to all grades, and earned $300 per year.

Just beyond the school is one of two of Hermann's remaining reel houses. Reel houses were placed strategically throughout the city to hold fire-fighting equipment. En route to a fire, the men stopped at the reel house for hoses and other equipment needed to extinguish the blaze and hand-pulled the wagon that held 200 feet of hose to the fire.

Notice the staircase to the west of the reel house. It is actually a continuation of Mozart St. The stairs are an example of one of the complaints made by the early settlers against George Bayer. When he platted out the town, he did not allow for its hilly topography. On a map, it would have appeared that Mozart street continues all the way to W. 4th St. at the top of the hill. However, it was impossible to build a street there, so instead a staircase was constructed.

The house on the southwest corner was built in 1892, and is a fine example of turn-of-the-(20th) century architecture.

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