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Stop at the corner of E. 4th Street.

On the northeast corner of the intersection is the home of the Gasconade County Historical Society Archives and Records Center. The facility is open to the public Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. See signs for hours.

The imposing structure across the street is the German School. The lots on which it stands were set aside in 1839 for school lots. The building was erected in 1871. Up to that time, German- and English-speaking schools were separate. When classes began in the German School, both languages were taught. Classes were held in the school until 1954. On the last day of the school year, the children would walk from here to the city park (traveling the route that you are about to take) for their May Picnic, where they played games and were served knackwurst and pink lemonade. This annual event was the forerunner of Hermann's popular Maifest, which began in 1952, and is always held the third weekend in May. In 1955, the German School was deeded to Historic Hermann. The organization maintains a museum that is filled with local treasures. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from April through October.

The clock tower on top of the school is not original to the building, but has been a Hermann landmark since 1890. Mrs. Christina Graf, widow of the publisher of the local newspaper who succeeded her husband as editor of the paper, was the driving force in obtaining the clock and tower. History shows that people would gather on the benches surrounding the school for their daily get-togethers. Apparently they didn't carry watches because someone was always in the newspaper office (Graf Printing) across the street asking, “Was is die Uhr?” The disruption caused Mrs. Graf to approach the town fathers, who agreed to erect the tower and clock. Funds for the project were received from benefit shows and private donations. The clock continues to keep time thanks to the efforts of a group of locals who take turns winding it. The inner workings of the clock can be viewed from the second floor of the German School.

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