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Dear Guests & Friends,

This month's newsletter was written by our guests. We asked those who stayed at Hermann Hill the weekend of October 8 and 9 to read through the journals in their room and, using post-it notes, mark those comments they considered worthy of a quote for the November newsletter. This is what our guests had to say.

Magnificent view
--"The sunrise was magnificent, with the valley covered in fog."
D & D, Hazelwood, MO

--"My husband and I came to Hermann to visit the wineries and to get away from the hustle and bustle of our lives. Hermann Hill was fabulous--and it was a pure joy to wake up to see the sun rising over the vineyard."
J & S, Lawrence, KS

--"What a view! We've never seen Hermann like this. The inn is perfect. A very romantic place." 
R & S, Dutzow, MO

--"My boyfriend planned this weekend away for months, and it was incredibly romantic. Yesterday evening, he proposed to me outside on the bench while we were enjoying the breathtaking view. . . We'll never forget the wonderful hospitality at Hermann Hill and hope to return again." 
M & C, Columbia, MO

--"This was the most wonderful place we've ever stayed. . . I really didn't know Missouri could be so beautiful!" 
M & C, Sumter, SC

Romantic retreat 
--"We are not newlyweds or celebrating our anniversary, just two busy people who needed break-time away from everyone else. A perfect place to remember why we got married."
C & J, Columbia, MO

--"Hermann Hill was our romantic weekend away from the kids. It was truly wonderful! After 6 1/2 years of marriage, we felt like newlyweds again." 
D & J, Sturgeon, MO

--"This place was amazing! It looked wonderful on the internet, but it was even better in person. We couldn't have asked for anything more. Hermann Hill will always hold a special place in our hearts as we got engaged right here. We look forward to returning here for years to come." 
S & R, St. Louis, MO

Celebrating marriage
--"What a wonderful and romantic spot to celebrate our honeymoon. This was such a perfect place to come and forget about all of the stress from the previous week. The view from the balcony was superb and the whirlpool tub kept us content for hours." 
S & C, Los Angeles, CA

--"Our four days at Hermann Hill were relaxing and rejuvenating, and it was our honeymoon. We had a great time at our own pace, wandering through town, touring wineries, eating great breakfasts, playing with the puppies, watching a rabbit in the vineyard, listening to the frogs and crickets. . . This is exactly what were were looking for." 
M & E, Natchez, MS

--"Read about your inn in the Midwest Living September issue and decided it would make a lovely trip to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. This was our first visit to a Bed and Breakfast--what a treat! It was lovely. Good work--keep it up." 
P & N, Ft. Wayne, IN

--"Our 17th wedding anniversary, and every year since we have been married, I have surprised my wife with some new thing or experience, improving each year, a kind of romantic escapade. Now, what do I come up with for next year since we have apparently reached the summit here in your beautiful inn? Just book our reservation for the same date every year from here 'til death do us part." 
D & S, Columbia, MO

--"I fear my wife is going home to burn our house. If this happens, I'll deem it your fault and expect you to take us in until we can rebuild. Shouldn't take more than ten years. It's wonderful here and you're the best at what you do. This night is a gift from our son-in-law and daughter for our 40th anniversary. What great kids!" 
J & S, Union, MO

--". . . We came to celebrate our honeymoon. From the moment we pulled up the drive we knew it was a very special place. . . This was a long trip for us, but worth every mile. . ."
D & R, Cincinnati, OH

They found heaven 
--"These were three days of magic, beauty and complete relaxation! From Terry and Peggy's hospitality, to the view, Jacuzzi and cookies--all of our experiences were heavenly. Our passion about our time here is just as strong as it is for each other." 
M & M, Little Rock, AR

--"Words don't describe how beautiful this little slice of heaven is. This was our first visit, but I can tell you it won't be our last. We loved everything! The tub, the cookies, and the sweet George and Gracie. This was the first day of the rest of our lives. . ." 
J & B, St. Louis, MO

--"A slice of heaven. An oasis that refreshes us. A weekend getaway that revives us. An escape from the day-to-day hassles and headaches that almost overwhelm us. Thank you for creating this beautiful place, for pampering us and reminding us to slow down, to reprioritize, to appreciate the sweetness of the moment." 
L & D, St. Louis, MO

--"Hermann Hill was a sojourn in Heaven, topped with a luscious cookie. Thank you for a wonderful stay! We will be back." 
J & S, Maryland Heights, MO

--"Who needs Napa Valley when we have our own piece of heaven here at Hermann Hill?" 
R&M, Lee's Summit, MO

You've thought of everything
--"Thank you for opening up your corner of paradise and sharing it with the world. There should be more people like you so the world could be a better place. Every detail of the house is absolutely perfect. . ." 
F & T, Hillsboro, MO

--"It's another beautiful morning here and we are thinking of how hard it will be to leave this behind as we return to family and work. The vision you had to create such a place of beauty, harmony, and order is awesome. You have thought of everything and your attention to detail made our stay here a dreamtime of being pampered, and right down to the binoculars in the drawer for us to gaze at the full August moon placed on the eastern ridge overlooking the lights of Hermann! We truly feel spiritually refreshed and renewed as it has given us time to be reflective and grateful for all the good that is in the world and our lives." 
B & H, St. Louis, MO

--"A day for relaxation and winery touring could only be capped off with a lovely night's stay nestled in the hills of Hermann. Thank you for capturing the old-world German charm and bringing it to Hermann. Your wonderful attention to the accommodation of your guests has made this a memorable stay." 
P & M, Linn, MO

--"Thank you for such a wonderful experience! The place cannot be beat in any way. We loved the east coast ambiance and that familiar Missouri hospitality. Thank you for your thoughtfulness to detail and comfort. . ." 
J & R, Oklahoma City, OK

--"Everything was perfect! . . . We took the 3-mile walk and enjoyed all the sights and scenery along the way. One thing we really loved was it seemed no matter where in town we were, either close or all the way on the other side, we could look up the hill and see our room!. . ." 
T & M, Cole Camp, MO

Getting the royal treatment
--"Hermann Hill is wonderful. From breakfast to Fred and Gracie, to cookies and ice cream to the view. We truly enjoyed our stay. The service was wonderful. You made us feel like a King and Queen. Thanks so much for sharing your home with us." 
B & L, St. Louis, MO

--"We feel like visiting royalty. Every aspect of our stay has been superb. Check-in was a breeze--and very informative. The local information resource book was all we needed. We'll be back, if for nothing more than 10 PM ice cream and cookies!! What a luxurious way to break away from the stress of the daily grind." 
J & F, Berryville, AR

Relaxing getaway
--"If we were asked to describe Hermann Hill in one word, it would be 'enchanting'. We felt pampered. The tub, the view, the breakfast, the cookies, everything was incredible!" 
L & J, Kansas City, MO

--"RELAXATION. That was the key to our trip to Hermann Hill and it was immensely fulfilled. This was the perfect dose of medicine to cure the 'hustle and bustle" blues of the holidays. . ." 
C & K, Glen Carbon, IL

--"In our many travels together, we have never found a place that was more enjoyable than Hermann Hill. Truly a 1st class experience." 
A & T, Chicago, IL

--"This place has rest and relaxation written all over it. The two of you have created a very special place. It doesn't get any better than this. We'll see you again next year. Go Cards!" 
C & R., St. Louis

--"We were greeted by the two laziest dogs in the world, stretched out in the middle of the driveway and barely flinching as we approached. This was a good sign of the very relaxing few days we were hoping for. . . The service was great and the self-guided walking tour was very good. . ." 
J & M, Phoenix, AZ

--"We came to bike, relax and play
And had an absolutely wonderful stay--
We have stayed in B&Bs from East to West
Hermann Hill is the very BEST!"
B & J, Traverse City, MI

They'll be back
--"As always, our stay at Hermann Hill Inn was incredible. What a treat! The food, the view, the cookies, the incredible hospitality--a great retreat from jobs, kid's schedules and busy lives. It was our third stay, and certainly not our last." 
G & K, Godfrey, IL

--"This is our fourth time at Hermann Hill and every visit is just wonderful! What total luxury. The attention to detail is truly amazing. For months I look forward to coming here--and for weeks after I feel rejuvenated. . ." 
R & S, Worden, IL

--"Simply the best, 5 stars, with extra stars for the cookies! We have stayed at many hotels, resorts, and B&Bs in the USA, Europe, and in Central America. You have an excellent blend of privacy, service, and ambiance that is rarely found. We look forward to returning soon." 
L & T, Wildwood, MO

Thanks for the memories 
--"Happy to be here! You have made
Everything so special and have
Really created a beautiful haven for
Married couples to renew their spirits
Now we are ready to go back to reality
Not forgetting the peacefulness, and. . .

Hoping to tuck these memories
Into our hearts, so that our
Love for each other
Lasts forever." 
D & L, Sunset Hills, MO

--"Every now and then during our lives, a special surprise experience comes along to provide us with a wonderful memory that lasts a lifetime. You have given us such an event. . ." 
B & K, Glen Carbon, IL

Coming soon
Not only are our journals filled with our guests' kind words, some include incredible sketches. Several guests have suggested that we share them with our readers. Watch for a future newsletter featuring "in-room art" by our visiting artists.

December newsletter: Hermann's Kristkindl Markt, Christmas at the inn, staff photos, gift certificates.

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