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Dear Guests & Friends,

Spring flowers in full bloom, the vineyard exploding in growth with the grass mowed between the rows, and the flowing waterfall and stream are part of the Hermann Hill experience. Without the dedicated work of Michelle and Renee pictured below, and Valerie in the vineyard, our grounds would not be so welcoming. 

Michelle & Renee

Based on requests thus far, we expect the number of wedding parties who will be taking pictures around the inn to be a record this year. Speaking of records, our room occupancy is at a new high, particularly due to multiple mid-week night stays when our rates are lower. We think 2005 may break all records because of our recently introduced Same Time, Next Year program. As many as four out of eight couples on a single day have made 2005 reservations under the special provisions of the STNY program. Our "Specials" page indicates last minute cancellations and weekend availability during our busy summer season. During the winter months, this Specials page indicates discounts and themed events, as well as last minute cancellations.

Valerie Bride & Groom at Grape Arbor

Our Port Chocolate Raspberry Sauce and ice cream has now become a mainstay along with the warm cookies brought to each guest's nightly. We also offered a complimentary bottle to those April guests who completed our Hermann Hill Three Mile Walk and think we'll try that again this fall. 

Coming newsletter topics include the following:
JULY- 4th events, the KATY trail
AUGUST- Restaurants of Hermann
SEPTEMBER- Wineries of Hermann 
OCTOBER- Grape Harvest, how to enjoy Oktoberfest
NOVEMBER- What our guests say about us
DECEMBER- Kristkindl Markt, gift certificates, staff Christmas picture, 


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