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January 2007
Happy New Year From Hermann Hill


The Suggestion Box

Illegal Art, started in New York in the summer of 2001.

Illegal Art is a collaborative of artists whose goal is to create interactive public art to inspire self-reflection, thought and human connection.

One of the projects of Illegal Art is "Suggestion Box."

In this project, participants carried around a white box with the word "Suggestion" emblazoned on each side, asking passers-by to contribute suggestions without any parameters or restrictions.

Armed with clip boards and sharpie pens, the team from Illegal Art collected suggestions from citizens of 5 of New York's buroughs.

The responses were wide-ranging, from the serious like "Abolish the death penalty in the USA" to the less than serious like "People should not have dogs that look like themselves." Their soon to be published book which contains hundreds of these entries from the suggestion box will surely become a snapshot of a time and place.

This art project of "Suggestion Box" inspired a similar project here at Hermann Hill.

In the beginning there was the oak box.......
The box was attached to the wall and we asked our guests to fill it with their suggestions.

A suggestion about Anything,,,

and they'd reply ....

writing or printing thoughts and ideas on yellow post it notes....

Anything at all.

Suggestions by turns hilarious, cryptic, heartwarming, oak poling machine of sorts, filled with musings on all sorts of topics. If you were sitting on the Hermann Hill terrace and could put a bubble with one sentence over everyone's head representing what they were thinking or feeling, this is what you'd come up with....kooky ideas, opinions, exhortations from the ridiculous to the sublime along with some heartfelt advice.

And so, for that's where this newsletter story begins, people stopped to share their suggestions or advice as they passed by the oak box at Hermann Hill. What makes a project like this so interesting is, it gives you a glimpse into the minds of strangers, and, no pun intended, pulls you out of your own box. It opens your mind to things you might not have ever even considered, opening a path to new directions and new beginnings and what better topic to begin the the New Year 2007


From Hermann Hill's Oak Box Suggestions:

Learn Something New

Stop by Hermann Missouri's historic site at Deutschheim and learn a bit about the early German immigrants from crafts to gardening practices. Visit area wineries, tour Hermann gardens, or learn about the history of the grape industry in Missouri while sampling Pinot Noir and Vignolles. Pick something you have never done before and make sure this is the year you do it, whether its learning something about German cooking, taking fly fishing lessons or simply learning to relax.

Appreciate your Surroundings:

Few things calm and inspire more than being in the presence of natural beauty. Our three mile walk can be restorative.
Expansive views, river bluffs and rocky outcroppings are some of the things you'll enjoy at both Hermann Hill and Hermann Hill

Every Man Should Learn to Stop and Ask Directions

North, South, East and West and all points in between, this area of Missouri has it all. Sometimes finding the unexpected can be the most memorable part of a vacation and our weather vane (and our staff) can point you to area art galleries, interesting restaurants and historic sites. Overlooking historic Hermann, Missouri just an hour from St. Louis, Hermann Hill Vineyard & Inn is for guests who like to travel first class.  Availability for both properties is just a click away.

More time.. more fun.. more nature

Nearby Katy Trail offers not only some soothing scenery but a chance to take in some fresh air and observe the healthy natural systems of Missouri's local plants and animals. Expansive views of two counties and of the Missouri River can be enjoyed from the decks of Hermann Hill Village cottages. Watch the sunrise, see the sunset. See red tailed hawks do aerial shows or with binoculars watch the construction of the new Christopher S Bond Bridge. An online tour a click away!


It's been said that sometimes time isn't of the essence, it is the essence. Blue skies, sunny days, a view from a hilltop, time with a favorite person. For example, the Village is perfect for couples seeking total and complete privacy, an excellent choice for groups of friends who want to share a cottage, or couples traveling with children. For a detailed comparison of Hermann Hill and Hermann Hill Village, please click here. All rooms now include chenille bath robes, towel warmers, and flower petal soaps to accompany our whirlpool tubs, gas fireplaces, and personal balconies. That's the bright side, the finest in comfort and quality.

We at Hermann Hill believe that New Year's Day is about making a fresh start. Instead of resolving to give up something, how about making a commitment this year to "Get More" out of life? At Hermann Hill we take pride in offering resources that help people slow down, find balance, and enjoy good things.

There are some "new things" going on at Hermann Hill with our Wedding Chapel in progress as we build towards the future and so, as we begin this New Year 2007 may we make a suggestion?

Come visit Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn and (to paraphrase a suggestions from the oak box)

"Be Brave, Follow Your Heart"

"Do what you love!"