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November 2006 Newsletter

Foods at Hermann Hill Vineyard & Inn and Hermann Hill Village Cottages


Dear Guests and Friends,

Food is an important part of the bed and breakfast experience, and our guests rave about Hermann Hill's signature breakfast offerings with hot entrees or continental.  An extravaganza of taste, texture and color is presented each morning.

Hermann Hill French Toast

"We had our favorite French Toast for breakfast..."
~ Greg and Barb St Louis, MO

Rise and Shine! Breakfast in the country is an important meal. Mornings are the purest time of
day and a hearty breakfast cooked up simply and served with care feeds both body and soul.

"...we will always remember the attention and the delicious cookies."
~Arlan and Ruby

A chart explaining food options and other issues at the Inn and Hermann Village Cottages can be found at this site:

Two hot entrees or continental served in the Kitchen, Dinning Room, and Deck at 9AM, or in your room between 9:15 and 10:00. Some mornings, all sixteen Inn guests have breakfast brought to their rooms which is generally what happens after the hectic holidays when guests want to enjoy some solitude.

"Breakfast in our room was a nice touch--delicious and beautifully presented."
~ Dan and Cindi Vernon, ILL

Generally 60% of our guests have breakfast brought to their rooms with the lowest percentage in Spring and Fall when many couples opt to dine on the deck and take in the views.

"The food met every expectation. Again, the best we have had at a B&B!"
~ Glenn and Janice


This is the Vidal patio, a very popular spot for a snack.

"The breakfast in our room was fantastic...
we look forward to coming again and again"
~Pat & Charlie Kansas City

In all seasons guests wake up to the smell of coffee
at Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn where
the first meal of the day truly is the best with first class surroundings,
personal attention and superior morning fare.

"...we woke to smells of bacon..."
- Elizabeth and Craig
Ballwin, MO

It's a way of life.....
It's what we do best.....
and simply stated, we love it.

The Seyval patio allows two couples to share a large table with high chairs overlooking the vineyard.

"A piece of paradise is Hermann Hill...."
Dave & Brenda Pacific, MO.


Breakfast at the Cottages....


Cottage guests have a big selection to chose from when preparing their breakfasts, including Hermann Hill Entrees that just need to be microwaved. Eat at your own pace, relax with waffles, toasted breads, cereals, fresh fruit, juice and coffee.

Here too, you will find breakfast a warm and welcoming meal.....and later on we supply the same heart shaped Hermann Hill Cookies as we serve at the inn, along with vanilla ice cream, and a bottle of Hermann Hill Port-Chocolate Raspberry Sauce for each night you stay at the cottages

All Village decks and patios have a Vermont Castings Grill for guests to prepare their dinner with amazing views of the Missouri River. And yes, on a clear day you can see forever!

"Everything was superb..the room..the cookies...the fabulous breakfast...the gorgeous view..."

Karen and Randy
Pittsburgh, PA.



Breakfast at Hermann Hill is a delightful part of your stay. The menu varies but is consistently a hearty offering of fresh fruit and hot main dishes. You are invited to savor Hermann Hill's culinary specialties and at the suggestion of many of our guests, this link includes some favorites and our most frequently requested recipes:

"The Cookies alone are enough to bring you back..."
~Ann and Geoff Kirksville, MO.