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There is no need to put your regular exercise & fitness routines on hold when visiting us at Hermann Hill.   We are happy to suggest these fine facilities in our area that offer a one-day fitness pass to our guests.    In addition to the traditional exercise equipment offered by these fitness centers, we are happy to point you in the direction of our heart-healthy 3-mile walk sprinkled with 23 points of interest along the way.  Several wineries are within easy walking distance of the Inn, and we highly recommend biking or hiking the Katy Trail during your visit to Hermann Hill, Missouri.


Area Fitness Facilities

The Hermann Fitness Source
124 E. 4th St.
(573) 486-2251

$5 for a 1-day pass

Mon-Thurs    5 am - 8 pm
Friday   5 am - 6:30 pm
Saturday   6 am - 2 pm
Sunday    9 am - 2 pm