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Hermann Hill is guest driven when it comes to change and “constant improvement” has been our mantra since we opened in 1995. Our guests have told us that they love our steam showers at our Riverbluff Cottages and ensuite massages at both properties and that is why we are expanding the Inn to better meet those needs. In line with this theme, our 2012 monthly guest contest asks couples while staying at Hermann Hill what three goals they hope to accomplish this year. Below are the winning entries.

Peggy and Terry Hammer, innkeepers

 December 2012

 3 Goals Recognized during our visit to Hermann Hill...


St. Peters, Mo

 We just had a baby 5 1/2 months ago and really haven't had any alone time.  We decided to come to Hermann Hill for a nice little getaway.  It exceeded our expectations.  Everything down to the puffs tissue and cotton balls!!  We had an amazing time and the view from our room was breath taking, especially watching the sunrise.  The atmosphere was very relaxing which we needed.  We couldn't be happier with choosing Hermann Hill and will definitely recommend it to or family and friends.

 Dennis and Sue

St. Louis, Mo

 1.) Bless each other and light each other up with thought fullness kindness, encouragement, and love, recognizing that the relationship we build with each other spills over to family and friends.

2.) Embrace the changes that life brings by taking advantage of this year in retirement to grow closer as a couple by volunteering for causes that matter to us. Our many stays at Hermann Hill have been linked to special anniversaries and birthdays and we have enjoyed reading the room journal entries from newlyweds, new parents , those turning 60, etc. As we grow older together this year, we will find new ways to make a difference.

3.) We would love to stay at Hermann Hill once a week in 2013. That's a bit unrealistic, so we will make 2013 and our 37th year together the most romantic yet. We will attempt to recreate a bit of Hermann Hill magic at home. Once a week, we will spend an evening focusing only on each other by turning off all electronic devices except our music. We'll make a great dinner together , talk and enjoy each other.

 November 2012
 3 Goals Recognized during our visit to Hermann Hill...

 Ben and Maureen

St. Louis, Mo

 Visiting Hermann Hill to celebrate our first anniversary, we have realized that Terry and Peggy are not just running an Inn business here.  They are helping couples to enjoy and celebrate the love  they share! And it has definitely inspired some of our goals.

  1. Celebrate special occasions.  We leas a happy life, and we're pretty good at taking time to relax and enjoy each others company. But we don't always make the effort to mark special occasions.  This year, we will try to do that more.
  2. Help other couples enjoy life and love.  WE realize that our life is pretty easy (no kids, good jobs, etc.)  So we want to make an effort, maybe once a month, to invite another could over for dinner or offer to babysit so a mom and dad can enjoy time together.
  3. Continue to pray for and with each other.  Our individual and shared faith and spirituality have always been at the foundation of our relationship, and we want that to continue and to develop as our marriage does.

Kirk and Kellie

Kalamazoo, MI

 After 26 years of marriage we hope to do the following this next year.

1.) Sell our house, buy a Winnebago, &  visit each of our  4 kids for 3 months each.

2.) Sell the Winnebago & buy a house at the location we like best (of the 4 places-not the kid we liked best)

3.) Come back to Hermann Hill once a year to enjoy the romantic and relaxing environment away from the kid we now live near!


Thanks for a romantic and relaxing stay once again!

  October 2012   3 Goals Recognized during our visit to Hermann Hill...

  Joe and Krystal

Londell, MO

 Joe and I have been married for 6 years (together for 11). We have 3 children, Madilynn 7, Landen 4, & Evalynn 6 weeks old.  I am a teacher  and am currently attending college courses 3 nights per week. Joe works long strenuous hours as a laborer.

All of the chaos, madness, stress, tired choldren, dirty diapers, and midnight feeding can take a heavy toll on a marriage.  I understand that as a mother I am not perfect, I get wore out!  As a wife I know I am not always the most pleasant person to be around.  In the hustle & bustle of life sometimes you lose focus of what truly matters, and that is each other.

Life is made up of thousands of little moments & I wish I could say that I've been wonderful through all of them.  

The one goal I have had here at Hermann Hill is for my husband to know that I love him as much today as I did on our wedding day, in fact, I love him even more now.  He still makes me laugh, he;s still the only one I want to tell my stories to, the only one I want to love forever.  He's the one I want to come home to, he is my home.  

Thank you Hermann Hill for allowing us to remember what really matters in life!

 Tom and Sandra

Imperial, Mo

 We arrived at Hermann Hill to celebrate our 20th anniversary.  It was a long overdue hiatus from our normal everyday busy & sometimes overbooked life.  We found our stay relaxing and the prime opportunity to re-connect.


Our goals....

1.) Keep the re-connect alive by scheduling more down time, just saying no to outside influences and being selfish if necessary being selfish (if necessary)

2.) Make our bed at home as comfy as Hermann Hill with bed linens and pillows.

3.) At our same time next year  spend more time at the Inn enjoying activities- massage, hot tub, sauna and the fireplace!  

 September 2012  3 Goals Recognized during our visit to Hermann Hill...

 John and Kathy Bequette

St. Louis, Mo

1st Goal: Take the time we need for each other.  Time to keep our relationship fresh.  Life gets so busy and we get caught up in taking care of our family but sometimes forget to take take of our relationships-of each other.  (Hermann Hill allowed us to take that time for each other).

2nd Goal:  Put a little money aside to be able to continue to come back for another getaway.

3rd Goal:  Family is a priority in our life. If we keep our relationships strong, our family will stay strong and connected. Happy us =Happy family


 Tom and Janet

Oshkosh, WI


A.) Not let so much time pass bu without planning/ doing a getaway weekend.  It is too easy to forget how much we enjoy spending time together and away from the "real" world.

B.)  Remind myself to compliment my significant other without there being a reason or occasion.  Having a weekend like this reinforces why I love her so much!

C.) This has been one of the best weekends ever! Now the goal has to be to make each successive getaway even better and more creative! No doubt that Hermann Hill has set the bar very high while being our inspiration to do it again! 

August 2012

  3 Goals Recognized during our visit to Hermann Hill...

 Sent by an anymous guest....


 Get our 25 year old son out of the house.....


1.) Make him pay rent! Now that our house is paid off, any money coming in is travel money.

2.) Make him cook meals! When he left, we became empty nesters, now that he's back not only do I have to make meal preps but I have to shop for ingredients, too!

3.) Promise him a yearly gift certificate to Hermann Hill- beginning the year he gives us a grandchild!



 Dwight and Carol Dickinson

St. Louis, MO

 This is the first day of our 45th year of marriage.  You can always learn more from each other and build a stronger relationship.  We vow to listen to one another, be kind, and show our love for one another.  We want to be examples for our children and our grandchildren.  We want to hold hands and give love touches throughout the day.  It is never too late to revive your love for one another.  Hermann Hill is a perfect place to start.

 Clayt and Karen

Middlebrook, MO

 1.) Hermann Hill is a place I would enjoy coming yearly to reconnect with my husband.

2.) I hope to spend more time vacationing/ relaxing & less time working in the next year.

3.) I want to spend less time worrying about things that don't matter & more time enjoying the people/things that do.

The town of Hermann & the Inn/Cottages at Hermann Hill allows couples to focus on what really matters and be very comfortable & pampered while doing so.

 July 2012  3 Goals Accomplished during our visit to Hermann Hill...

 Natahn and Sarah Bright

Festus, Mo

 I'm a stay at home dad and my wife is an amazing professional who is a rising star in higher education.  Don't let her know I called her a rising star-I try to give her only two compliments a week to keep her grounded.  Being a relatively young couple, we have been sorting through this whole "60-hour work week" thing, as well as the whole "we have two kids under four" thing.  I broke masculine barriers and left my job to be at home with the kids.  My wife took a deep breath and plunged ahead into her demanding career.

Our challenges are echoed by 30 somethings time for each other and when we do scratch out time we'll find two pairs of feet pattering through the house(sometimes with paint on them-sometimes with just dirt).

 Our three goals are simple-

1.) Get away: Even if for a night, it's nice to recharge away from pattering feet.

2.) Pamper ourselves: Hermann Hill has been a wonderful experience that is both comfortable and relaxing.

3.) Reconnect: Having a wonderful night away helped us get back to why we became a couple in the first place.

This is also our 8th wedding anniversary.  It's wonderful to be blessed with such an amazing wife.  And you can tell her I said that!


 Bobby and Carol Doshier

Cotter, AR

 What a fantastic place to relax and enjoy being a couple.  After almost 41 years of marriage, we had a "first" of the best kind here.

On July 4th, we enjoyed the fireworks simultaneously with the rise of a full orange moon from the privacy of our own hot tub spa.  A precious moment in our marriage we will always cherish in our memories of our time at Hermann Hill.  Thank you so much your staff are amazing.

 June 2012

3 Goals Accomplished during our visit to Hermann Hill...

Joanne and Brian Lange 


Goal #1: More time spent alone as a couple

Goal #2: More relaxation; less stress

Goal #3: More WINE! ; Less WHINE!

We cherish the time and chance

In this place of strong romance,

Now our true love will advance

Evermore our hearts will dance!

William Scharping & Linda Utsinger
Cuba & Fairview Illinois
Linda and I are both widowers.  Linda lost her husband 2 1/2 years ago after being married almost 42 years.  Bob last his wife 15 months ago after being married 45 years.  We both figured we would live our lives alone.  A mutual friend introduced us.  We have been together 7 months.  Hermann Hill is our new page in our life book.  We are enjoying your Inn very much.  It doesn't matter how old you are.  Right now we feel like teenagers in love!

 May 2012

 3 Goals Accomplished during our visit to Hermann Hill.
Dr. Gabrielle Schwemmer
Smithton, IL



The first goal for our stay here this year is to look back at all we’ve accomplished as husband and wife and father and mother. It's sometimes hard to realize what an impact you have on each other’s lives with all of the hustle & bustle of everyday life. We have made great choices for ourselves and our children and must be proud of that fact.


The second goal for our stay is to rekindle the flame that was lit 15 years ago.  Work and kids are tiresome, but this gives us a chance while here to reflect on why we make it work and why we truly love each other. Relaxing at a place like this will allow us to look into each other’s eyes to see the flames burning.


The third and final goal for our stay is to not talk about work or home while we are here. This gives us that focus on each other that is so long overdue. We can talk about Lewis & Clarke, the delicious breakfast, the beautiful vineyards we overlook or nothing at all! As long as the focus is US, our stay was successful.




Sarah & Eric Hall
O'Fallon, MO



Sarah's Goal-

This stay is only a couple of days after our 1 year anniversary. It has been a remarkable year. We have both accomplished many great things. I have so enjoyed being a wife this past year, but I realized during our stay here what I would like to work on over the next year. I work so hard to keep up with life and everything going on I forget to stop and just enjoy our great life together. I want to work on shutting off the "to do list" in my head and get back to enjoying the little things in life.


Eric's Goal-


I think that over the next year I want the relationship that Sarah and I have, to be a kind of model for many new marriages. Even though we are young, and young in our marriage, I think that we have an understanding beyond our years of what makes a relationship, and more specifically, a marriage work. I think that our first year as husband and wife we have figured out the "give and take," the "don't sweat the small stuff," and the moments when all that is needed is love and reassurance. We are each other’s best support system and I want to portray that attitude to other newlyweds to help make their relationship thrive like ours has.



 April 2012
 3 Goals Accomplished during our visit to Hermann Hill...
Judith Mitchell
Union Mo

Our stay has provided us with a chance to renew, regain, and retain those ideals which we will concentrate on during the coming year.

I've been able to review what is most important in my life...without interruption!

I've gained new insight into the meaning of the phrase, "Collect memories of experiences, not THINGS!"

And, finally, I hope to retain the peace and focus this visit to Herman Hill has brought me. Herman Hill will, hopefully, remain in my spirit until we return again next Spring.

Brenda Menner
Columbia, IL

Our first stay at the cottage was for our 29th anniversary. It was so wonderful to unwind and enjoy our time together. Even though we stayed active the best part was doing the activities

together. The highlight of our 2-day trip was of all things, running together on the Katy Trail. Beautiful God's Country! Nice trees, rolling farm land. Perfect run. We als walked into town and

enjoyed some wine-tasting. Staying active together as well as relaxing together is what keeps a marriage strong. That is exactly what we did during our little get-away. Beautiful place for a

destination wedding! Our youngest daughter isn't married yet. Who knows-this may just be the perfect spot.

March 2012 3 Goals Accomplished during our visit to Hermann Hill ...

Claire and Phil
  Jefferson City, MO

1.) Keep the romance alive-we want to remember to take a break from our busy lives now and then to surprise each other, take a few getaway trips, and not take each other for granted.

2.) Remember patience is a virtue-We want to take whatever life decides to throw at us with patience and a positive attitude.  We will be slow to anger and quick to forgive.

3.) Be more adventurous-we want to take whatever life decides to throw at us with patience and a positive attitude.  We will be slow to anger and quick to forgive.

Tina Landis

I love a sense of accomplishment.  And that is exactly what I feel as I write this on my last morning at the Inn.

It was about time that I truly relaxed.  Stressors of life become passing thoughts and all that I allowed on my mind were thoughts of how blessed I am in my life.

Reconnecting with my boyfriend Paul was also a priority.  We chose to visit Hermann Hill for his birthday.  It gave us the perfect opportunity to focus on each other and why we love each other so much.

No schedules to keep. No obligations, Just do what feels right!

Thanks to Lewis and Clarke for helping with my third goal-reassessing my purpose in life.

I have recently become involved with stray rescue of St. Louis, an organization that helps abandoned and abused dogs and cats find homes and a new lease on life. I am a foster mom.

Spending time with the dogs helped me realize that I really am meant to become am advocate for such animals.  I love dogs so when I get back home I will continue to live more in the moment.  I will never pass up a chance to show and tell my loved ones how much I care about them.  I also hope to contribute more to my community as well through my work with stray rescue.

Thank you Hermann Hill for a much needed Zen time out.



February 2012 3 Goals Accomplished during our visit to Hermann Hill ...

Cheryl & Philip Krah
Hillsboro, MO

After being married for 30 years we have practiced setting, working and achieving goals throughout our marriage.  Our stay here just helped us 'finesse" those goals in a much more relaxing setting.  Our goals have certainly changed over the years......

Goal #1-We are no longer getting upset over what life hands us-we are learning to laugh at it, embrace it, and move on.

Goal #2-Life moves fast enough, so we have set aside a date night through the week to focus on us; JUST US.

Goal #3-We try really hard to offer our opinions to our children only when asked.  We remember wanting to make our own mistakes and learn from them, so we are giving that same gift to our own children.

*This trip is possible because our children gave us this gift for our 30th anniversary, so Philip and I must be doing something right!  

Sara & Adam Wedel
St. Louis, MO

We have been married 10 years and have only been away from our children (ages 7 and 4) 3 times!

I am a 2nd grade teacher and my husband owns his own company that sells promotional products.  Business is booming which means he often is working 12 hour days 6-7 days a week.  We make a commitment to have dinner as a family each night.  Because of our exhaustion level, the conversation doesn't really go much past what the girls did at school etc.

In 2012 we pledge as a couple...

1. Converse more-deeply meaningful conversations.

2. Touch more-hand holding, hugging, sitting closer.

3. Understand more- it's okay to not be able to help all the time. Life is draining-we need to understand that each of us has our own list outside of the family to-do list.  But we have to understand we need each other no matter what.

Thank you Hermann Hill for providing an area escape, to let us converse, touch and understand.

January 2012 3 Goals Accomplished during our visit to Hermann Hill ...

Wale & Eva
Chianti, Venice

Remember life is short! Stop and relax more.
Show each other how much you love one another more often.
Little things mean a lot.


Amy & Bill
Cape Girardeau, MO

One can’t stay somewhere like this without thinking about their relationship.  It also allows us to step back and really see the person we’ve chosen to come here with-without the stress of work, children, family, etc.  So what would be our goals……

The most obvious one would be to try and spend at least an hour or two each week together. Together without distractions so you can concentrate on each other. That special person you fell in love with is always there and waiting to be found. So take the time to find them.

Always be willing to take time to just stop.  Find the beauty in the world around you.  At Hermann Hill, the beauty can be seen in the way the fog rolls in on the river, or the eagles soar across the way, or how the train sounds coming down the tracks. There is beauty everywhere. We just have to take the time to see it and appreciate it.

Spend more time over meals.  It seems like the best conversations happen at mealtime.  But to get people to talk, we have to turn the TV off and sit together.  We can learn a lot about each other by listening.  Drink some good wine and just talk to each other. So really, we don’t have to get away-although it helps-we just have to take the time to enjoy the people and things around us.

December 2011 What We Celebrated During Our December Stay at Hermann Hill ...

Tom and Mary Pat Tierney

Chesterfield, MO





 Ron and Roxanna Patrick




How do you celebrate 35 years of marriage?

 You step out of the rat race, away from phones, emails and the noise of daily life.  You go to your own private oasis-Hermann Hill.  Time stops for just a few days and you reconnect.  We walked and shopped Hermann holding hands and stealing those spontaneous kisses. We sat by the fireplace drinking champagne and toasting our 35 years together.  This is just the perfect place to celebrate each other and to celebrate life. Thank you!



 Upon our arrival, my husband Ron and I, were told about the Hermann Hill Threads contest.  The purpose was to write a thread explaining what we celebrated during our stay.  Well, I kind of chuckled to myself and thought that there wasn't really anything to celebrate.  We were here as an attempt to shed some of the weight  the stress of my life had laid upon me.  Needless to say, I was doubtful that I would be able to let it go. I had a mountain of paperwork and a long laundry list of things to do waiting for me back at home.  Since being with Ron, I've been able to not only see the proverbial silver lining I've been able to embrace it.  However, lately, I haven't been able to catch a glimpse. I havent been able to get past the pressure to simply appreciate what I have. 

Somehow, the calming countryside, along with the details of the decore, the heart-felt hospitality and the superior service of Hermann Hill caused my stress to subside.  Not only can I see the silver linning again : ), I'm ready to embrace it.  Inspired by the majestic sun rise, I am ready to start my life again-energized, renewed.

I may have arrived not celebrating anything, but I am departing ready to celebrate my life again. Thank you.


November 2011 What We Celebrated During Our November Stay at Hermann Hill ...

 "Mr. and Mrs. Ross"

Kansas City, MO







Les and Jennifer

Canton, IL



This was our mini-moon.   We were married on Saturday, November 12th and Nathan surprised me with this quick trip to Hermann.  We only took a couple of days off work and I assumed we'd just be spending that time at home.   After our ceremony he told me he'd planned a special trip for us.  It couldn't have been more perfect.   From our welcome cheese and wine to our massages, delicious dinner, and amazing breakfast the stay was exactly what we need:  to relax and soak in our first couple of days of married bliss.   As we ate our cookies and ice cream, he looked over and said " we are going to make an awesome married couple," and I couldn't agree more.   His surprise for me was so incredibly thoughtful that I am beyond thrilled to get to spend the rest of my life with him.  I absolutely adore my husband! xo  Thanks for making this stay so special to us.  It was unforgettable.


Les and I came to Hermann Hill to celebrate a new beginning.  Last year we both lost our spouses to cancer.   The past year and a half was filled with a vast mixture of emotions-frustration, hope, love, fear, sadness, grief, and finally loneliness- it was overwhelming. You don't feel like your life will ever be the same again, and it won't.  Each person who has lost a spouse finds out that you do what you have to do for yourself to go on and so that's what we both did.   Les and I met three months ago.  Dinner and companionship- that's what we told each other at first, but our friendship has grown into something more.

We laugh , we cry, we talk about our spouses and we are good for each other.   If you are lucky enough to have someone in yur life that you care about, I hope you are able to tell them every day in some way how much they mean to you.   Life isn't always fair but its still good.

October 2011 What We Celebrated During Our October Stay at Hermann Hill ...
Brad and Kasey
St. Peters, MO

Anniversary and Babymoon
This is our 10th annual trip to Hermann Hill. Our first was our Honeymoon in 2002. Since then, we have returned every year at the same time to celebrate our anniversary. The experiences we have here are worth more than any material gift we could give one another. As our lives have changed over the years, our trip to Hermann Hill only becomes more important to us. In fact, by August we are counting down the weeks to our special time together.

This year we are also celebrating the upcoming birth or our second child due in early December. Our three year old is at home with Memaw and Papaw enjoying some quality time with them while we enjoy our time together as well. This “babymoon” was much needed because keeping up with a three year old and preparing for an infant tents to wear you out a bit.

We feel newly connected and revived after our stay at the Inn this year. It has a special place in our lives and our hearts and we look forward to staying here for many, many more anniversaries to come.

Todd and Stefani
Cottleville, MO

Astronomy leads to Engagement
We started the weekend as a getaway. A chance to celebrate each other. We ended the weekend with a new beginning. We got engaged.

It was awesome. We walked into the vineyard at night to look at the starts with the binoculars provided in our Inn room. While I was looking through them, he was trying to get me to find a specific galaxy. Mind you, astronomy is a hobby we love to share. Anyway, he kept asking if I could see it. Then he put the ring in front of the binoculars and asked if I could see it. It was so fitting for us because two things we share is our passions for wine and astronomy. Through those passions our love for one another grew even stronger.

September 2011 What We Celebrated During Our September Stay at Hermann Hill ...
Dianne and Rob
Peculiar, MO 

Rob and I are celebrating our third wedding anniversary and nights # 2 and 3 away from our almost 16 month old son since his birth May 16, 2010.  We spent our honeymoon in September, 2008 in Rome, Florence, Venice and Capri, Italy.  Arriving at the Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn brought back a floor of memories from our Honeymoon.   We were overjoyed to be able to enjoy spectacular views so close to home.

We took the opportunity to enjoy Hermann on foot.   We used the three mile walk as a footprint and spent six hours lingering at the Hermannhof Winery complex, the Country fair, and Stone Hill Winery.   We also enjoyed a casual lunch at Wings A Blazin.  We gained a great perspective of the history and beauty of Hermann.   At the Inn, we relaxed on our private patio to eat breakfast, drink wine, rad, and savor the views.  We were happily grated by the two labs (Gracie and Lewis) while enjoying our breakfast.

Our visit to Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn was a romantic, relaxing escape allowing us a couple of nights of uninterrupted sleep so we can return renewed and refreshed to our high energy toddler and our other responsibilities.  We found a gem close to home where we can escape at least annually, if not more often.   We loved the views, the accommodations, the food, and the atmosphere.

Jason and Pamela
Farmington, MO 
This weekend, we celebrated great friendships.  We have staying in the cottages before to celebrate an anniversary and it exceeded all expectations.   A couple of our friends had also stayed here  before with the same experience as us.  We decided to come together for a wonderful, di-free weekend with friends.   We extended on the invitation to a third couple who had not stayed before and they came as well.  What an awesome weekend!!!

Friday night, we went to the old stalwart, Vintage Restaurant at Stone Hill winery.  I don’t know if we were just too  relaxed or if it was just that late…but we were the last ones in the restaurant, a great start to the weekend.

Saturday saw us with a late start as we enjoyed sleeping in with no kids standing at the edge of the bed…After a brief stop at the Bar-B-Que and brats event in the park we went to the Adam Puchta Winery before a late lunch at the Cottage.   After a short respite, we went to Oak Gen for the live band and a fun evening out.   The ladies danced and the men visited…a perfect night for all.

Sunday, our friends left.   We relaxed, rested, and just enjoyed our time together.  Altogether, we had a wonderful time with our friends.   We hope to do this again next year, and the next.  Thanks Hermann Hill!

August 2011 What We Celebrated During Our August Stay at Hermann Hill ...
Douglas and Joann
Charleston, IL 
August 7th was our 4th wonderful stay at Hermann Hill.  Joann and I were celebrating our 51st Wedding anniversary (August 6, 1960).  The Seyval Room with the vineyard foreground in the windows was picturesque.  The twilight view before sunrise over Hermann was beautiful.  The morning of August 8th,  What made this stay very special were two eating events!  At 10 PM we had ice cream and heart shaped cookies on the Seyval patio as the lights twinkled over Hermann.   At 9:15 the next morning we had our breakfast on the patio again.  This time a young man was busy pruning the grape vines with threatening rain clouds overhead. Truly, "Memories were being made on the Missouri."
Steve and Andria
Quincy, IL  
We were married in August, 2009.  At the time, we didn't take a  honeymoon because of our work schedules, and last year our first anniversary got somewhat lost in the midst of an interstate move and new jobs.  This year, I told my husband, "Our marriage deserves to be celebrated," and he agreed.  We are both so happy to have celebrated our second anniversary at Hermann Hill.   Each day began with breakfast in bed, prepared by the fabulous Hermann Hill chefs.  We spent our days exploring Hermann's shops, touring the wineries, sampling the restaurants, and taking in the glorious views.  We spent our evenings back in the Inn-enjoying our private patio, sipping wine in the jacuzzi, playing board games, or curling up in bed with a movie from the inn's quality movie library.  At the end of each night, one of the innkeepers would leave homemade cookies and ice cream, complete with Hermann Hill's amazing Port-Chocolate Raspberry sauce, at our door.   the in-room refrigerator and bathroom were always stocked with snacks, beverages, and sundries.   We wanted to nothing.  We felt pampered.  It was luxurious and relaxing, and it was the perfect way to celebrate our love and union.  Terry and Peggy, thank you so much for giving us the greatest escape we've had in years!
July 2011 What We Celebrated During Our July Stay at Hermann Hill..

Carol and Keith
Rowlett, Texas (outside Dallas) 


We have a few reasons for celebration this year!   A month ago we both retired from teaching.  We have almost 80 years of teaching between us; we started early.  The most important side of our celebration was our 38 years marriage.  We both are advocates of the adage that your wedding day should be the day you love each other the least.  We celebrate 38 years of love that has deepened every year.   We celebrate our two beautiful children, our wonderful daughter-in-law, and our stunningly gorgeous grand daughter.  We have so much to be thankful for.  We have been truly blessed.  Who know that a blind date in 1968 would lead to a blissful life that includes a beautiful sunset and a glass of wine on our room's terrace in Hermann, Missouri. 

Robyn and Michael
St. Louis, MO 


We were so very blessed to have seen Herman Hill Vineyard & Inn advertised about a year ago.  We saved the website and knew that this would be the place where we would renew our vows for our 5th anniversary.  A year later, we are sitting by the window overlooking  the vineyard  and the spectacular view of Hermann.  My husband Michael arranged for us to stay at Hermann Hill for three magnificent nights in the Norton Room.  We went to Stone Hill Winery for a tour and to get a bottle of the Steinberg White wine you served us when we first arrived.  At your beautiful Pavilion, we lovingly enjoyed wine, cheese & cracker, and renewed our vows.  It was one of the most romantic times of our lives.  We will never forget the beauty of the hills and the peacefulness while looking into each other's eyes with pure love and joy.  We knew that we wanted to celebrate our 5 year anniversary, but never realized the intense love that grew from our stay here.   Hermann Hill has forever been engraved into our lives as the place that we have renewed our love for each other again.

Thank you so much for all your kindness, attention to the finest of details, and making our special time here unforgettable.

June 2011 What We Celebrated During Our June Stay at Hermann Hill ...
 "Secret Lovers"
Kansas City, KS
My husband surprised me with this little get-a-way idea.  He thought it would be great to take a trip together to celebrate our anniversary.  I, however, was a little unsure.  The last trip he planned was a train wreck!  I mean, EVERYTHING that could possibly go wrong, DID!  But, he was being so sweet, that of course I agreed to go.  We had a great drive down from Kansas City, and casually followed GPS all the way in Hermann straight to Cottage 1.  It was so breathtakingly beautiful that we actually parked to just look!  We didn't see a place to check in, so my husband called and got directions to the Inn.  As we drove off, we were both thinking the same thing: Man, the other bed & breakfast better be out of this world or we are going to be super disappointed after seeing this place.  When we found out that it was all the same place and we were getting to stay at Cottage 1, we were OVERJOYED, and the fantasy began!

The cottage was like a dream.  The sunlight streaming through the windows, the cool river breezes on the deck, the relaxing purr of the hot tub, all of it...amazing!   We decided to eat at the Vintage Restaurant at Stone Hill Winery.  We were being treated like honeymooners and figured that we should make the most out of it!  After eating (it was wonderful) we thanked our waitress and started to walk towards the door.  As we passed the wait staff we heard one girl say to the other, "Definitely NOT his wife."  Both of us could hardly keep from busting out in laughter, and that became our get-a-way and anniversary theme--we had a magical fantasy!  We weren't simply an old married couple, we were two people hopelessly in love, sharing blissful memories in this fabulous fantasy land!
Gary and Debbie
Webster Grove, MO
We celebrated our daughter's wedding on June 18, 2011.  It was the wedding of her dreams, thanks to Hermann Hill.  My husband and I have been celebrating our anniversaries at Hermann Hill before the Village Cottages and Chapel were built.  When we saw the  Wedding Chapel for the first time during one of our anniversary stays we thought, how beautiful it would be if one of our daughters would get married here.  Well that thought became a reality as our oldest daughter Michelle fell in love with every part of Hermann Hill.  Thank you Hermann Hill and staff for making a dream come true.
May 2011 What We Celebrated During Our May Stay at Hermann Hill ...

Mike and Mollie
McPherson, KS

50 years ago this summer we were married in Tulsa, OK.  When our family began discussing ways to celebrate our anniversary, we insisted that we weren't interested in having a big reception or a party.  We just wanted to celebrate with our own family.  So next week our sons and their families will join us for a week on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  We chose to drive there so we could see more of the country.  One of our sons gave us a gift certificate to use at a bed and breakfast on the way out and in looking through the directory we thought Hermann Hill looked interesting--it was a good choice.  We enjoyed exploring the town and Hermann Hill is a beautiful inn.   We enjoyed our stay here and look forward to the rest of our "anniversary" trip.

Mike and Donna
St. Peters, MO

We are celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary and this is our second stay at Hermann Hill.  The B&B provides a cozy, comfortable, peaceful, and relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of life.  38 years ago we took our vows- two very young people with not a clue as to what lay ahead but knew that we loved each other deeply and wanted to be together to share our life.  We have been blessed with two sons and two lovely daughter-in-laws.  It has been a great ride and no regrets.
April 2011 What We Celebrated During Our April Stay at Hermann Hill ...

Amy and Alix
St. Louis, MO

It was such a joy to be back!  We celebrated our 1st anniversary and it was so romantic and special.  It rained most of the time but we didn't care.   We curled up and listed to the thunder watching the river rush by our deck.

We also celebrated another huge moment.  Alix felt our baby kick for the first time!  I am due in September and 4 months pregnant.  We are so thrilled to expand our family!

Arthur and Sheryl
Columbia, MO

 "I sing the body electric, I celebrate what I have become.  I sing the body elecric, when I am at peace with the sun." 

Those words of Walt Whitman capture the essence of our celebration as we shed the old skin of winter once again.  My wife Sheryl is a church organist (and a very good one) who devotes long hours to practice, rehearsals, and religious services.   It is both intensely rewarding and intensely draining.  We like coming here to Hermann Hill to celebrate recent experiences of the lenten and Easter season as well as to celebrate new life.   Hermann Hill is certainly no monastery, but it is a sanctuary of sanity where a sunrise, a soaring hawk, a glowing fire in the hearth, or bread, wine, and cheese make us feel very much alive in our own ritual reminder of rebirth and new possibilities of being.

March 2011 What We Celebrated During Our March Stay at Hermann Hill ...

Chris and Alice
Fenton, MO


We were so blessed to celebrate our 9th Wedding Anniversary at Hermann Hill this year!  It was our first night away from our home and children ever.  So, you can say we were celebrating a kind of intimacy and freedom that is atypical of our life together thus far.  Hermann Hill Inn is very beautiful and luxurious-we enjoyed every amenity and every moment.   Our hope is to make this an annual getaway--and not wait another 9 years!

Chris and Theresa
Kansas City, MO

Chris and I came to Hermann to celebrate his 43rd birthday and attend the Wurstfest.  This truly romantic bed and breakfast made our trip one of the most memorable yet.  From the amazing views to the special warm cookies at night, Hermann Hill made every effort to make us feel like this is our home away from home.   It snowed unusually  late this Spring, but from the comfort of our bed, cuddling in front the fire, we enjoyed the snowy white blanket covering the City of Hermann.   We felt like we were living in a shaken up snow globe.  While we were officially celebrating a birthday, we also celebrated our love and commitment to each other during this romantic stay.   There is nothing better than waking up in the arms of the love of your life looking over a grape vineyard to a breath taking sunrise.   We could stay here forever!
February 2011 What We Celebrated During Our February Stay at Hermann Hill ...
John and Michelle
St. Louis, MO
We came because my husband was home for two weeks from Afghanistan.  This Inn had been recommend by friends and it did not disappoint.  We could spend time together away from home and just be alone.  It was great to be able to stay in or go out and not have the "to do" list looming over us.  We just got to be together and alone which is great after 8 months of not seeing each other.  We had total privacy to do what we wanted.  This is what we needed for a few days in our 2 weeks together.  Now when he leaves in a few days we know even with all the "things" that have to be done, we got to take time to be together.  We will be back.
Mike and Kim
Glen Carbon, IL
This was our second visit here and was again a fantastic experience!  We came to celebrate the end of the weekends just being about us as we prepare to welcome our son into the world in a little over two months.   The "babymoon package" was perfect.   Terry and Peggy definitely know the way to an expectant mom's heart: massage cream, a big comfy pillow, and CHOCOLATE!    This trip gave us the perfect opportunity to re-connect and reflect on the past, enjoy the present, and imagine how much our world is going to change.   No matter how busy our lives get, Hermann Hill will remain our not too far away getaway.
January 2011 What We Celebrated During Our January Stay at Hermann Hill ...

Tom and Irene
St. Peters, MO

January 6, 2011.  We celebrated Life!....and also our 21st wedding Anniversary.  Last year, January 6, 2010  we celebrated our 20th Anniversary in a hospital room in Washington, D.C, where we had to travel to participate in a record-setting kidney exchange program because my wife needed a kidney transplant, yet I was not a suitable donor.  We were in D.C. from November 25th to January 8th.  I donated a kidney to a stranger who became a friend and my wife was given a new lease on life thanks to the generosity of a stranger.   The last year has definitely had ups and downs, but we seem to be clearly out of the woods.   Cottage 201 was THE PERFECT place to relax, unwind, and just  enjoy each others company and the fact that we are both fully alive and very healthy.   To sit in the hot tub and view the sky overflowing with stars filled us with so much gratitude to be truly alive!  Any ounce of the stress that still clung to our souls were completely washed away during our stay.  I'm not sure if it was a stream shower or the warmth of the heated towels and floors, or the glow of both fireplaces, or the wonderful sleep we had in the incredibly luxurious bed.  I am sure it was the perfect combination of all these outstanding amenities couples with the attention to detail that was so obvious from the cleanliness of the room to the scrumptious breakfast and fun evening snack.  And let me not forget the joy of watching all the different birds having a winter feast at the bird feeder.  WOW!  ARE WE BLESSED!  THANK YOU God for inspiring Peggy and Terry to follow their dreams instead of listening to all the naysayers.   They have truly created a small slice of heaven and peace on Earth.

J & T
St. Louis, MO

Our journey to Hermann Hill started in July of 2007, when I returned from my tour of Iraq.  Unfortunately, we were unable to stay because Terra was deployed to Iraq two months after I returned.  When she came home in November, 2008, I was midway through my battle with cancer.   For two years we see-sawed with the cancer, adjusting to life after Iraq and trying to rebuild our life together.   Finally in late 2010, after all our struggles and emotional roller coaster rides and after nearly 10 years together, I proposed to Terra on 10/11/10.  Two months later I found that that after almost four years of battling cancer and four years of chemo, my cancer markers had finally gone down.   All of the treatments, all of the worries, all of the tears, and finally a silver lining.   I was finally responding to treatments.   So with our 10 year anniversary just around the corner (January 11, 2011) we decided to finally make the trip we started in 2007 to Hermann Hill.    So this trip is our welcome home from Iraq, our engagement celebration, celebrating my cancer markers going down, and celebrating 10 wonderful years together.   Hermann Hill made it magical with its breath taking views and wonderful staff.   This was a paradise getaway.   Thank you for this milestone in our fairytale.


December 2010 What We Did During Our December Stay at Hermann Hill...

Eric & Lorie
Springfield, MO

Hermann Trolley

Most people describe life as hectic and busy but the lives of law enforcement families are much more than that.  On a typical month, our family shares only one entire day together, so needless to say, Mom and Dad get very little alone time.   That's what this stay was for us.  Quiet moments pondering life-past and present, and future.   The first night here-we arrived late so we grabbed a quick dinner at Wings A Blazin.   Their lips beat most chains like BWW hands down!  After dinner, we came back to the Inn, drank some wine, and enjoyed the rest of the evening-just being together and soaking in the hot tub.   The next morning we laid in bed until breakfast was brought to our room.   We then spent the whole day on the Hermann Trolley.   What an incredible day with unbelievable service!  We strolled though wineries and around this quaint little town and when we were ready to move on the Hermann Trolley picked us up and took us to our next destination.   Our trolley driver even dropped us off at the Inn to freshen up and picked us back up to go to Simon's for dinner. We also had a great lunch at Stone Hill's Vintage Restaurant.   I don't think one page could describe the incredible time we've had.  Thank you so much Terry and Peggy.   Our 10th anniversary is a trip we will never forget!


Steve and Amy
Greenwood, MO

Hermannohof Winery

After 4 1/2 years of marriage and two beautiful daughters, my husband and I needed some quality "us" time.   Hermann, MO and especially Hermann Hill was the perfect solution!

With small town hospitality, amazing river views, fabulous restaurants, and the best wines in the United States, we felt welcomed, relaxed, and exhilarated.  Leisurely strolling down Schiller and 1st Street, we were able to peruse a variety of shops and enjoy the rich German heritage of Hermann.   Welcomed by tour guides and wine enthusiasts, we were able to sample award winning wine from Stone Hill and Hermannhof. sinking into the relaxing hot tub we enjoyed the best of Missouri- the soothing river, the beautiful trees, and the amazing view of the stars.   All in all, we would not have envisioned a better get away.   While the town of Hermann has so much to offer, we found it difficult to leave the amazing amenities of our cottage had to offer.

Aside from the hot tub, we feasted on gourmet-style breakfasts and desserts, washed away our cares in the fabulous steam shower and became rejuvenated in the spa tub.  Not only are we more relaxed from our visit but we were able to strengthen our marriage in this little piece of heaven here in Hermann, MO.

November 2010 What We Did During Our November Stay at Hermann Hill...

Kody and Mallory
West Plains, MO

We arrived on Monday afternoon around 4 PM and drove up to the Inn. The view from the Inn was breathtaking, even on a dreary November day. We were impressed with how everything was arranged at the Inn. The coffee aroma filled the entry way and I could not wait to get my hands on a cup. My husband and I were very pleased with Debbie, the person who checked us in; she was very helpful. The Inn was gorgeous, but we had booked a stay at the cottages, and were just as impressed by the scene was saw when we pulled up the big Hermann Hill Village hill. Can you say hello view? The Missouri River view was perfect for us! We went through the fridge and were ohhing and ahhing over what all was waiting for us. Ben and Jerry's ice cream was a nice surprise! The huge cookies were to-die-for and the Port Chocolate Raspberry Sauce...well, just try it for yourself!!!

After the initial shock was over on how nice our room was, we went to the Barrel Bar for some drinks and dinner. The place was awesome! It has a great atmosphere and super good food. Try the pizza! We spent a few hours there and went back to the Cottage. The hot tub and indoor Jacuzzi tub were used both nights. You will love the fireplaces too!

We woke up the next morning and enjoyed the egg casserole! YUM Then we zipped off to Ziplining in New Florence, which is about 10 miles from the Cottages. What a blast! Definitely check into thiat, it's a great time and the views from the top of the lines in the woods were incredible during November. After ziplining, we headed to Stone Hill Winery. They have the best tour there is to offer. The wine as great, all of them! Lunch at Vintage Restaurant at Stone Hill was really good too.

Tin Mill Brewing Company as next on our list of things to do. My husband enjoyed tasting, while I enjoyed snapping pictures around the brewing company. We walked across the street to Hermannhof Winery next. We were in awe of how gorgeous the grounds were at Hermannhof. We dicided to attempt a venture to Adam Puchta Winery and boy are we glad we did! They were open until 6 PM and in our opinion had the best wine. Charlene, the tasting room person, was super friendly and paired wines with realistic foods, which we all can cook. 

We had heard from several people that Wings A-Blazin was the place to eat and we love wings so knew we had to try it. It certainly did not dissapoint! The lips were tasty, too. Afterwards, we headed back to our cottage to take full advantage of what was there for our last night. We woke up on a Wednesday morning, lesiurely had breakfast (waffles and casserole) in bed with the over-the-top sheets, and said goodbye to the gorgeous view, lovely fireplaces, and hot tub. We stopped by Swiss Meats on our way home. They have lots of samples, tasty lunch, and is a really neat place. Thank you Hermann Hill for a lovely experience.

Polly and Kurt
O' Fallon, IL

Village at Hermann Hill





We really enjoyed the three mile historic walk through Hermann, starting and ending at the inn. We learned so many neat historical facts and information about this beautiful town. We had a wonderful dinner at Trapper's Grill whee we had the grilled Salmon Filet and Tropical Island Shrimp. The tour at Stone Hill Winery is a must do with an extensive wine tasting at the end, well worth the $2.50 tour and tasting fee. We brought our bikes and would recommend riding part of the KATY trail.

The best part of our stay has been coming back to Hermann Hill Inn, where we got married almost 9 years ago. We stayed in the same room and reading our journal entry bought back so many wonderful memories. Peggy and Terry have a first class operation and the little things like providing dog biscuits for their two adorable dogs Gracie and Fred and bringing the nightly cookies and ice cream to our door make us want to come back again and again.

October 2010 What We Did During Our October Stay at Hermann Hill...

Justin & Rebekah Parks

Although it's only been six months since we were here celebrating our birthday's here, we still couldn't wait to come back for our Anniversary. We have been coming to Hermann Hill twice a year for the last three years, and as each trip nears we literally count the days. We both agree that we arrive as stressed out, overworked parents of three, and leave here youthful, blessed, relaxed parents of three.

The scenery as we neared Hermann was amazing. Hermann in October is absolutley beautiful, with all the fall colors. When we got to town we headed to our favorite lunch spot Wings-A-Blazin. I keep telling my wife we should try other places for lunch, but I love their "chicken lips" too much to ever go anywhere else. As we ate lunch we both commented how weird it was not having to cut up food for three little ones. After lunch we walked down the street to Time For Pie to have some delicious homemade Apple Pie.

We then headed up the gigantic hill to check into our room. We decided to stay in Vidal, because it's the room we stayed in the first time we visited Hermann Hill. My wife loves the huge jetted tub (keeping up with a 2,3,and 4 year old is hard on mom's body)! Since the weather was great during our stay (65 degrees and sunny) we decided to walk around town and visit all the little antique shops. We also went to Stone Hill, Adam Puchta, and Hermannhof Winery to sample their wines. Before we headed back to the room we made a trip to The Chocolate Box and got some homemade chocolate goodies to go with our wine.

After enjoying a movie in our room we had a wonderful romantic dinner at Vintage Restaurant, but we had to turn down dessert because we knew Terry would be bringing his world famous heart-shaped cookies with Chocolate Port Raspberry sauce and ice cream. The night was topped off relaxing on the bed with another movie. We both slept in for a change and enjoyed a great breakfast on our private patio with an amazing view overlooking the town. By this time it was setting in that our trip was about over. Right before we left I wrote an entry in the journal, and we looked back and read our past entry over three years ago. We both like reading back and seeing where we were in our life during previous stays. After giving Fred and Gracie a rub on the belly and a treat, we fed the gold fish and headed back home. We can't wait to come back and enjoy another getaway in our little piece of heaven.

Keith & Erin
Merriam, KS

We arrived in town early to enjoy lunch at the Rivertown Restaurant. It has a mom & pop atmosphere. We recommend Maggie's famous Pork tenderloin sandwich, but make sure you bring your appetite! We made our way to the inn to check in where Renee greated us and went over our room's amenities so that we could make the most of our stay. After unpacking in our cottage room we sat on the second story deck and soaking in the sights and sounds. For dinner we grilled steaks and enjoyed a beautiful fall night again on the deck. Once night fell and the temperature dropped we got into the hot tub where all of
our worries from home were quickly forgotten.

For the second day we went on a winery tour. It's impossible for us to decide which one was our favorite so here are reasons to visit each one.
- Hermannhoff had the best overall feel because of their self-guided cellar tour and their tasty wines.
- Stone Hill has the most historic fell, the best view of the town, and a fantastic tour.
- Adam Puchta had some of our favorite white wines and the most scenic drive on Frene Creek Road.

We found it very hard to only buy two bottles from each winery! After a stop at Swiss Meats, we recommend the pepperjack brats, we headed to the cottage where we grilled and ate on the deck while the sun set on the beautiful fall trees!

It was hard to fit everything in, so we are coming back next year....same time....same place!

First Day
-Favorite place for lunch: Rivertown Restaurant- Pork tenderloin sandwich
-Check in
-Favorite place for dinner: Grill out on deck
-After dinner drink at: Hot tub on deck

Second Day
-Watched sunrise
-Special things we do for breakfast: on deck with the breakfast provided
-Swiss Meats: BRATS!!!
-Wineries and brewery: Hermannhof (best overall); Stone Hill (best tour); Adam Puchta (best feel)
-Favorite place for dinner: Grill out on deck
-After dinner drink at: Hot tub

September 2010 What We Did During Our September Stay at Hermann Hill...
Michael and Heather
Merriam, Kansas
View from Vidal Room
To celebrate our first anniversary we decided to do something we had talked about on several occasions driving to or from St. Louis to visit my husband’s parents:  stop in Hermann and do some wine tasting!  We discovered the Hermann Hill Vineyard & Inn on the internet and knew immediately we had found our destination.  After a brief anniversary celebration at home, we hopped onto I-70 East and rolled into Hermann at the most beautiful time of day:  sunset.  Glad we brought the map and directions that had been mailed to us, we easily found the Vineyard & Inn.  During check-in, my husband started to tell a story and I thought, “Here we go again, always sharing too much information with strangers.”  This time however, I hear his say, “I told my mom we were coming to Hermann and she asked where we were staying.  I couldn’t remember and she said, ‘Well, if it’s at the one Peggy Hammer owns, we were roommates in college.’”  This led to a joyful meeting with Peggy and her bringing out a picture of her wedding where my mother-in-law was a bridesmaid.  What a small world!  Terry settled us into our amazing room, the Vidal.  During his tour, he pointed out that obsessive compulsiveness sometimes leads to such things as towel and toilet tissue origami.  Having just presented my husband with origami replicas of our wedding outfits to represent our “paper anniversary,” I thought I may just have found a kindred spirit.  Next Terry brought us some welcome treats – wine, cheese, bread, grapes, and despite saying that we weren’t hungry, we managed to devour said treats.  Come on, the bread was warm.  We were powerless to stop ourselves.  Then, promptly at 10:00, Terry delivered ice cream with chocolate raspberry sauce and heart-shaped “cookies,” these were more like brownies.  Regardless, everything was divine – so much so that my husband was forbidden from speaking to me while I enjoyed the chocolate raspberry sauce.  After enjoying the Sunday Night football game, we tried out the Jacuzzi tub, sans jets because it was late.  Expectations met.  After setting the alarm to see sunrise, we retired to the sleigh bed with sheets of thread count approaching infinity.  The royal treatment continued when breakfast arrived.  Sufficiently stuffed, we started day 2….

…to be continued…
Lynn and Bob
Bloomington, Illinois
Stone Hill Winery
Favorite place for lunch:  Stone Hill winery restaurant – fantastic German and French onion soup
Winery or brewery tasting at: Stone Hill, Adam Puchta
Favorite place for dinner:  Grilled out at cottage

Sleep in until: 8
Special thing we do for breakfast: Ate the great food (egg and potato casserole) left for us
Favorite place for lunch, snack, drink:  Montague’s BBQ
*New Haven glass blower*
Wineries and brewery:  Hermannhof – beautiful view and great to sit outside
Favorite place for dinner:  Simon’s / entrees:  Jaeger Schnitzel

-Love the heated towels!  Fun special touch
-Stone Hill tour is well worth it to see the underground cellars, and sitting outside of Hermannhof winery in town was great.
-Sitting outside in the hot tub and grilling on the deck in our own cottage was so relaxing
-Nice touch to be able to pick our own herbs in the chef’s herb garden
-The Kunstlerhaus gallery had some great pottery (and glass jewelry).  It was fun to talk to the man who actually makes the pottery.
-We are looking forward to use the fresh basil and oregano from the chef’s garden – fun to do that.

August 2010 What We Did During Our August Stay at Hermann Hill...
Teresa and Paul Ince
St. Charles, MO
Romance at Hermann Hill
Since 1996, we look forward to spending our wedding anniversaries at Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn.  This year was no exception.  It was extra special as it was our 25th anniversary.

First Day:  Prior to our check-in, we stop at Stone Hill Winery and buy a bottle of wine to share in the atrium.  We enjoy our wine and conversations.  Upon arrival to the Inn, we are greeted, given our keys, breakfast menu and asked if we want a glass of wine.  In the room there are a dozen red roses waiting for me from my husband.  After a few minutes, our hostess brings us the champagne glasses we asked for, two glasses of white wine, a tray with a small loaf of bread, a spinach and cheese spread and stem of red grapes.  We promptly sit on the balcony, enjoy our wine, goodies and the view.  My husband opens a bottle of wine.  During this time, we see a mother deer with two babies grazing on the property.  It’s time to get ready for dinner at Vintage 1847.  We had a great dinner and ordered a bottle of champagne.  Once back in the Inn, we chatted with Terry and Peggy in the kitchen.  On return to our room we sat on the balcony waiting for the arrival of our heart shaped cookies and ice cream.  Once they arrive, they disappear in a hurry.  We’re very relaxed and promptly fall asleep.

Second Day:  We sleep in until 8am.  Our drink choices and delicious breakfast arrive in our room at 9:15am.  One of our favorite’s fiesta soufflé, cheesy potatoes, sausages, a fruit cup and a flower pot orange and chocolate chip muffin.  Yummy!!  We allow our breakfast to settle.  Around Noon, we head out toward the garden area.  I rang the gongs 25 times in celebration of our anniversary.  We smiled and laughed.  We took off through the woods for the three mile walk.  Despite the heat, we walked an hour and 10 minutes.  We cut off a short amount of the walk.  Took a cooling break at Stone Hill Winery and bought some home décor items.  We walk back and made it up the hill to the Inn.  We cool down.  I filled out the breakfast menu for the next morning.  I add a special touch to the menu by drawing pictures with the colored pencils.  We showered and went back to the Stone Hill Winery gift shop for a large home item.  When we got back the room was refreshed.  We decide to open a bottle of Rose wine and get into the Jacuzzi with scented oil.  It’s relaxing and we drink, talk, and laugh.  An hour later my husband opens a bottle of champagne and we sit on the balcony.  Another hour passes; we are much more relaxed and agree to some “do not disturb time.”  We would rather stay in bed.  It’s time to get ready for dinner at Vintage 1847.  We had a great dinner and ordered a bottle of champagne.  No dessert as we know cookies will be waiting for us at the Inn.  We stop and feed the fish in the pond.  We change into comfortable clothes, open a bottle of champagne, sit on the balcony waiting for our heart shaped cookies and ice cream.  Again they disappear in a hurry, we’re very relaxed and promptly fall asleep.

Third Day:   We sleep in until 8am.  On departure day, I like taking a Jacuzzi by myself with scented oil.  Our drink choices and delicious breakfast arrive in our room at 9:15am.  The crustless mushroom quiche, small baby potatoes, bacon, a fruit cup and a blueberry flower pot muffin.  For our anniversary, the ladies bring in a fresh bouquet of 5 yellow daisies with tiny purple flowers in a small crystal vase.  I take a moment to write something down in the journal and draw pictures with the colored pencils.  We check out in the office/gift shop area.  We chose to do the Same Time Next Year in the Norton room.  As a memento of our stay, I buy a green ceramic wine cooler.

Jean and Joe
Fort Worth, Texas

Sunset in Hermann
This thread really begins many years ago on our honeymoon when we first encountered Stone Hill Winery’s tasting room in Branson and took home several bottles of Spumante Blush.  We always wanted to visit the actual winery in Hermann, so for our twentieth anniversary we drove from Fort Worth, Texas, all the way to Hermann, MO.

After stops along the way at St. James Winery and Adam Puchta Winery, we checked into Hermann Hill Bed and Breakfast Vineyard Inn in the sweltering late afternoon August heat.  Rows of Norton grapevines grew right outside our suite’s windows and our patio door opened directly into the vineyard.  A Jacuzzi tub promised relief from the sticky heat, and Debbie graciously offered to bring us each a glass of chilled white wine.  We did not turn her down. 

We dined at Stone Hill Winery’s Vintage Restaurant our first evening and highly recommend the German chocolate pie.  At about 9:45 p.m., Terry brought us thick, heart-shaped, still-warm chocolate chip shortbread cookies along with two spoons and a dish of vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate-raspberry port made from Norton grapes grown at Hermann Hill.  Our memories are a bit hazy after that; we think we passed out because we were so stuffed.

When we regained consciousness, we decided to go for a nature walk before breakfast.  After grabbing coffee to go in the kitchen but neglecting to take along the guided tour map, we wound our way up a spider-web strewn, woodsy trail behind Hermann Hill and emerged onto a rough asphalt road lined with vacation cottages and private residences, beyond which flowed the Missouri River already sparkling in the early morning light.  A pair of lean, cotton tail bunnies hopped across the roadway; one sought the safety of the underbrush while the other stayed near us, content to nibble on the short roadside grass.  We stood motionless for some time just enjoying the sights and sounds of the mid-west in late summer:  crickets chirruping, katydid whirring, butterflies flitting, birds twittering, and hawks soaring, circling and screeching.  The bunny froze with ears erect at the slightest sound of danger, but mostly the bunny just looked adorable and munched grass.  Eventually we ambled downhill, not knowing where we were going but hoping we’d somehow find our way back to our b&b.

On our left the road embankment steeply sloped and upon this slope wildly grew a tangle of Missouri flora.  Honey bees and fuzzy bumblebees bustled and buzzed while collecting nectar amid a colorful profusion of blooms:  yellow, pink, white, lavender.  Small, enchanting, rare blue flowers blossomed shyly alongside showier trumpet vines sporting red-orange blooms and enormous, elongated seed pods.   Atop the embankment, pine trees festooned the skyline with abundant clusters of woody cones.

Turning right, we ambled south on Washington Street, stopping to smell the aromatic sage thriving in front of the office of P.J. Meyer, Attorney at Law.  Further south we glimpsed the intriguing profile of what we later learned was Stark Mansion.  It brought to mind the Munster Mansion from the 1960s sitcom The Munsters – whose main character was also named Herman.  From its wrought iron fence to its impressive Second Empire façade, Stark Mansion was surely a fitting “wine castle” for successful businessman George Stark.

We climbed back up to our b&b, showered and made it to breakfast just in time.  From the lofty hillside location of Hermann Hill’s sunlit kitchen table, we took in an elevated view of the picturesque town of Hermann along with our gourmet breakfast.  Having been to Germany, this panorama reminded us of the Rhine Valley and of the distinctive architectural features of German Fachwerk, otherwise known as half-timbering.  Churches with spires pointing toward the infinite perched atop hills in classic
Deutschland fashion.  Hermann well deserves its reputation as Missouri’s most beautiful town.

And Hermann Hill B&B made a wonderful base camp from which to investigate the pleasures of Hermann’s wineries and dining.  Stone Hill Winery was our first stop that morning, and it’s a good thing we gorged ourselves at breakfast because we sampled a lot of wines.  Prior to sampling, however; we toured Stone Hill’s hand-excavated, arched, underground cellars – the largest series of vaulted cellars in America.  Cool and cavernous, they offered a welcome respite from the scorching heat of a record-high-temperature setting Missouri summer.  This winery has a storied yet heartbreaking history, as do so many of the American wineries decimated by Prohibition.  It will leave you contemplating the words of John Greenleaf Whittier:  “Of all sad words of tongue and pen the saddest are these, what might have been.”

The standout here is the Norton.  Stone Hill produces one of the best Nortons in the US – we came home with half a case of the 2006 Norton and a couple of bottles of the 2007 Port (also made from Norton.)  We won’t bore you with all the backstory on Norton but it is a fascinating, delectable, spicy little native red grape that gets overlooked because it’s not part of Vitis vinifera but Vitis aestivalis.  Also, people often mistakenly lump it in with Vitis labrusca which is unfortunate because Norton has none of the “foxiness” associated with Concord, Catawba, Niagara, etc.  Given an open mind and half a chance, this underdog American grape can astonish you with depths of blackberry and cassis in our amateur palates have only ever tasted before in Cabernet Sauvignons.  Can you tell we are fans of Norton?

Norton is one of what we have some to consider the Big Six of the Midwest including Chambourcin, Seyval, Vignoles, Chardonel, and Vidal Blanc.  Gwurtztraminer-pedigreed Traminette also has a significant presence here.  Exploring the Hermann Wine Trail gave us plenty of opportunities to sample the lesser known varietals from such wineries as Roebller in New Haven, Bias, OakGlenn and Hermannhof.

In between winery visits we enjoyed the culinary delights of cranberry chicken salad at The Cottage Restaurant and Gallery, the Island Shrimp at Trapper’s Grill, and the Chicken Steinberg at Vintage Restaurant.  Not to be missed is the swiss & rye cheese at Hermannhof Vineyards.  If you’re in the mood for something uncommon, try the elk and buffalo jerky made by local producer Swiss Meat & Sausage Co.

A tour of Hermann Hill’s Riverbluff cottage #5 had us admiring the view of the Missouri river.  Abundant natural light filled the upper story of the cottage through numerous skylights.  We definitely want to stay in one of the Riverbluff cottages on our next visit.

At the end of the day it was nice to know we could head back to our romantic suite at Hermann Hill, gaze upon the lush vineyards, soak in our Jacuzzi tub, don Hermann Hill’s summer-weight robes and later find freshly baked, delectable cookies and decadent, port-drizzled ice cream on our doorstep.  Luxurious honey-gold colored, smooth-as-satin Egyptian cotton sheets made drifting off to sleep a pure pleasure.  Our only regret is that we only booked two nights.  Next time we’ll know to stay longer!  
July 2010 What We Did During Our July Stay at Hermann Hill...

Sonja and Alan
Olive Branch, Mississippi

Village at Hermann Hill





We just walked into another country!  That's how we felt as we stepped onto our balcony in the Vignoles guest suite at the Inn.  Our first stop was to the "Forest of Gongs" to ring the "Soul Mate" gong 15 times for each year of marriage this trip is celebrating.  We bought a bottle of sparkling wine and ran 4 miles on the KATY trail.  The trail was a delight for running, walking, and biking. We saw numerous rabbits, birds, deer, as well as flock of geese along the way!  We settled back in at our room just in time for the famous "knock" for cookies, ice cream, and chocolate sauce.  We finished the evening enjoying the jacuzzi tub, our Stone Hill Blanc de Blancs, and making plans of what to do the following day.  Most of our time in the room was actually spent on the balcony.  We had an amazing breakfast brought to the room, with Fred and Gracie below us lounging in the shade of the vines, watching the birds, bunnies, and a couple of cats chasing each other!  Our next adventure involved taking the short cut to down town, the mild days and zero humidity made the walk a pure joy!  We stopped for pictures with Fred and Gracie before we parted, giving each a dog biscuit and a good scratching.  We took the tour of the cellars at Stone Hill Winery and then had a traditional German Schnitzel for lunch.  Hermannhof Winery had such good tasting wines!  A stop at Ricky's Chocolate box is a must.  The highlight of our last day was wine tasting with Larry at Adam Puchta Winery, who insisted we sample nearly every wine!  Finally, we drove up to Oak Glen Winery and took a lot of pictures and sat on the porch with Carol, the owner.  She told us about the history of this amazing place.  She stayed out on the porch way past closing, reflecting on her life's journey that brought us such a gorgeous place to see.  We can't wait to come back.

The Lee's 

St. Louis, MO

Robller Winery

Our stay here was all about unwinding and relaxing!  We arrived at dinner time so we sat out on our deck and enjoyed the views while grilling our chicken and veggies.  We were eating dinner during the most amazing sunset, it was beautiful and we had a front row seat!.  Since it was such a cool, breezy evening, we were able to star gaze from the hot tub.  We were pleasantly surprised by just how many stars could be seen... a spectacular show!   We finished the evening with the delicious cookies and ice cream.  It was such a sweet ending to a perfect day!

The next morning we enjoyed a waffle and fruit breakfast and decided to check out the town.  We loved all the little shops and the quaintness of Hermann.   We went to Wings-A-Blazin for lunch, which is a must if you like hot wings.  We spent the afternoon visiting a couple of wineries but on our way out we stopped in at Ricky's Chocolate Box for some exquisite hand made chocolates perfect for enjoying with wine!  We headed to Adam Puchta for a delicious sampling, then on to tour and sample at Stone Hill...both were amazing!   With a few bottles in hand, we went back to our cottage for more grilling, sunset watching, and hot tubbing.   We are both in agreement that this was a perfect day! 

In the morning we decided to go the Robler Winery for a picnic lunch and wine sampling before heading home.  We are excited about our next stay and experiencing more wine, delicious food, a tranquil cottage, and unwinding.

June 2010 Two couples from Kansas both celebrating anniversaries tell us what they did during their June stay at Hermann Hill
Larry and Sheri
Gardner, KS
Hermann Hill Luxury
This was a wonderful anniversary trip that we are truly sorry to see come to an end.  Everything at the Inn has been wonderful, from the gracious friendly staff, to the food, to the truly little things you just might miss if you aren't careful (like the fish food out by the little bridge over the fish pond.) We drove all over Hermann and there is not another view that comes close to the one here at the Inn.   And to see the sunrise from that view ... amazing! I let my wife sleep in while I got up and watched the first morning, but I couldn't let her miss it the second morning!

In regard to things to do while you are here, I would say taking the three mile walk is a must.  We took the walk in the morning and saw three deer right off the bat.   It was a great experience to walk through the town and "soak up" the history of Hermann.  We then had an in-room massage from Massage For Your Health - fantastic! Needless to say, a nap had to follow! In terms of wineries, we visited five.  The best tasting experience was at Adam Puchta.  They bring out everything and pair it with food to enhance the flavor.  The best tour was Stone Hill.  Definitely pay the $2.50 for the tour.  We found the best wine to be at Roebler Vineyards.  As for dinner, I cannot recommend Alpenhorn Gausthaus enough!  Kate and Adriene were wonderful hosts and the four-course dinner was magnificent!  But the topper was the dessert course in the candle lit wine cellar.  Absolutely wonderful and the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary. Though we had an amazing time, I still saw several things we missed. The great part is, that just means we need to come back again. And when we do, it will definitely be to this wonderful Inn. Thank you for this terrific experience!
Andrew and Danya
Lenexa, KS
Luxury Room at Hermann Hill
With our five year anniversary approaching, my husband and I tossed around several ideas of where to go on our trip.  Ultimately, we decided to head back to the place where we felt the most relaxed and pampered-Hermann Hill.

We arrived in Hermann at noon and stopped by the Barrel Bar & Grill for lunch.  We enjoyed the generously portioned sandwiches and quick service before heading to the Inn for check-in.   We were greeted there by Debbie who informed us our room was ready ahead of schedule!  Debbie went over all the amenities of our cottage so we could make the most of our stay.   Before heading over to the village we selected 2 movies from the complimentary DVD library .  After unpacking, we stopped by Adam Puchta, Stone Hill, and Hermannhof for wine tasting.  While we are always impressed with the quality of wines in Hemann, we especially enjoy sampling the Norton Wines from each vineyard.  We were so inspired by this grape on our previous trip to Hermann that we planted our own Norton grapevines in our backyard at home!

After stocking up on wine, we came back to the Charles Eitzen suite where we grilled meats we brough from home and watched the sunset.   I couldn't wait to use my most favorite amenity of the cottage-the steam shower!  Before drifting to sleep we watched movies and ate cookies and ice cream.  

We woke early to start day 2 and took advantage of the cooling morning with breakfast on the deck.  Hiking is one of our favorite activities, sw we took a leisurely hike down the shaded KATY Trail.  Later we drove to Oakglenn Winery to capture the gorgeous views with our camera and sample more wine.  Lunch was at Hermannhof Winery and we found a great value- bread, cheese, and 2 glasses of wine for about $10.00!  The A/C in our cottage was a great relief in the afternoon.   We read books and relaxed before grilling the Swiss Meats we purchased.  Our evening was spent playing board games brought from home and admiring our final sunset in Hermann.  

With so many things to do and so little time, we decided the only thing to do is spend more days at Hermann Hill next year!
May 2010 What We Did During Our May Stay at Hermann Hill...
Jason and Angela,
St. Charles, MO
Breakfast at Hermann Hill

My wife and I came to Hermann Hill armed without itinerary, agenda, or battle plan.  We simply came to enjoy one another after being married for ten years and parenting three small children.  We set this time apart for ourselves.  When we arrived at Hermann Hill we were greeted and given a tour of the facility.   My wife and I were taken in by the magnificent view and privacy.  Upon entering our room we were welcomed by a grand view of the town of Hermann, the Missouri River, and a gorgeous vineyard below.  We opened our welcome folder that was given to us upon arrival and were quickly able to view all of eating establishments in the area.  Better yet, the in-room notebook held the menus for each local restaurant.  This made our dining selection very easy.  After dinner at Trapper's Grill (ribeye and filet), we came back to the Inn and played board games from the game closet by the movie library.  We watched the Blues Brothers DVD.  Terry next dropped off our cookies.  It was a wonderfully romantic evening by the fire.   The next day, we set off on the three mile walk and took in all of the sights and shops along the way.  Our favorite place for lunch was Time For Pie and we liked the Deutscheim State Historic Site.  Upon our return, we ventured on to the river bluff cottages at Hermann Hill Village for a tour of a vacant unit.  We finished the day touring the local Tin Mill brewery and wineries, but not before taking the 10 mile drive to Swiss Meats for some excellent summer sausage and Beef Jerky.  After dinner at Vintage Restaurant (filet x 2)we wrapped up the evening sharing quiet intimate conversation in the over sized Jacuzzi tub.  Our time here was amazing, and it would not have been the same without the thoughtfulness and attentive nature of Peggy and Terry and the rest of the Hermann Hill staff.

Tom and Michelle,
Glen Carbon IL

The two hour drive from our home in Illinois was the perfect transition from our everyday life to a place where only the two of us existed for a little while.  Our conversation started centered around the kids and all of their many activities.  However, by the time we crossed the bridge into Hermann we were reminiscing about our past stays at Hermann Hill and anticipating making more wonderful memories.

As is our tradition, we stopped at Hermannhof Winery for a bottle of wine and an picnic basket lunch.  Next, we headed to Stone Hill Winery to pick up some wine for dinner.  Finally, we were pulling up the lane to the Inn.   Our getaway was about to really get started.   After checking in and getting our keys to our cottage, we had to take a stroll down to the Forest of Gongs to ring in our relationship....a long gong for "soul mates" and a tap on the "passion" gong for good measure!

Our cottage awaited us, perfect as always.  Nothing says you have stepped out of your normal life quick like hot tubing and sipping champagne at 4:00 in the afternoon!  It is easy to get caught up in all the activities of a busy home life.  But Hermann Hill always reminds us that our relationship is worth the investment.

April 2010 What We Did During Our April Stay at Hermann Hill...
Ed and Mary Lynn, Hot Springs, AR
(celebrating their 49th Anniversary!)
Village Room at Hermann Hill
We first found out about Hermann Hill from Southern Living Magazine.  This year is third year to spend two days on our Anniversary here.  We would bet not many couples would remember what they did on each of their special anniversary days.  What we have done is to keep a record of what we did each anniversary on a special page in the back of our wedding photo book.  So, to all you newlyweds, keep track and years later you can recall and discuss  your memories.   We have 49 and are going for 50.   No matter how long you're married, marriage needs taking care of and that's exactly what staying at Hermann Hill does.   The entire staff goes out of their way to make staying here a very special experience.

One of our favorite places to eat is Vintage Restaurant at Stone Hill, usually enjoying the Sauerbraten.  We like Steinberg White and Hermannsberger wine.  At the end of the day we always watch a movie.  In the morning we always view the sunrise and later visit Swiss Meats with our list of what to take home and Adam Puchta Winery.   On the second night, we dine at Trapper's grill and like to compare their Sauerbraten to Stone Hill's.  The next morning we watched the sunrise with great fog over the valley.  Over breakfast we talked about what we were doing 49 years ago.

Gary and Sharon, Valmeyer, IL
(celebrating their Fourth Anniversary!)
We came to Hermann Hill cottages to celebrate our 4th anniversary, and we really enjoyed having a couple's massage done by the wonderful gals at "Massage For Your Health" in the comfort of our cottage.   This is the perfect way to de-stress and begin our vacation!  We spent our second day having a wonderful time exploring four new wineries that we had not yet been to:  Robler, Bias, Oak Glen, and Adam Puchta.  We bought several bottles of wine to stock in our new wine refrigerator back home (our anniversary gift to each other to fit with the traditional "appliance theme" of a 4th anniversary.)

Our favorite dinner out restaurant to celebrate this special occasion is the Vintage Restaurant at Stone Hill Winery.  The meal service is always outstanding, as is the food (German Schnitzel and Salmon) and wine! Of favorite place for dinner is still grilling Swiss Meats brats at our cottage.

A nice surprise on this trip to Hermann Hill was the benefit of earning $20.00 in Hermann Bucks and grilling basket for our stay in early April.  We happily spent our Hermann Bucks at Ricky's Chocolate Box," where we also earned a 1/4 lb. of free chocolate from our massages! We returned to our cottage and watched a DVD movie "Under Suspicion" and our Wedding Video.

We've gotten to experience previously both the comfort and pampering of the Inn as well as the enjoyment of the hot tub, grilling, and openness of vacationing at the cottages this year.  We'll definitely keep coming back!

March 2010 What We Did During Our March Stay at Hermann Hill...
Mike and Sonya
St. Louis, MO

Biking in Hermann MO
Hermann Hill is our favorite get-a-way.  The best time is when we can schedule three weekdays.  We love leaving life behind and concentrating on the two of us.  Our favorite dinner is the filet at the Vintage Restaurant with the Cross J Norton.  The view of the town from the Inn is spectacular, especially the churches on the hill with the river in the background.   We take pictures from our alcony and bring our camera on the 3-mile walk.  Breakfast brought to our room on trays is the most wonderful luxury!

We also enjoy riding our bikes on the KATY Trail.  We park at McKittrick and ride west as far as we like, stopping to eat at Trailside in Rhineland on the way back.   It's a laid-back, friendly place with good food and drink.  On other days, we enjoy a relaxing drive in the country.   Our favorite winery is Adam Puchta.   Charlene is so friendly, the setting is pretty, and we like their Norton.   We usually have lunch at The Cottage or Montague's, and another dinner at Trapper's Grill.   Our favorite tourist destination is the Deutschheim State Historic Site tour.   The guides are great, and we learned the most about Hermann's history and the area from this tour.

Hermann Hill is our little secret that we almost don't want to "let out!"  But we also want other to enjoy as we do.

Buzz and Chere
St. Charles, MO
Fireplaces at Hermann

When we arrived on Friday, all we wanted was a restful and relaxing weekend, able to give each other our undivided attention, away from our daily cares (and our 3 kids!).  What we found was light years beyond our expectations.  Starting with a warm welcome that was more like a home coming, we knew we were in for something special.

We woke early our first morning to see a majestic sunrise.   Then we chose our gong (from the HH forest of gongs) and banged away, then played with the dogs.  We did the three mile walk and explored a beautiful and charming Hermann (the people here are so friendly!).  We stopped by the visitor's center and Ricky's Chocolate Box, enjoyed the Stone Hill tour and bought wine.    We had the most amazing dinner at Trapper's Grill.  Take the word of two foodies- order the Salmon or the Venison, the Adam Puchta Norton, and the Chocolate Lava Cake.   Ask to be seated in Angie's section.   That dinner is high on our list of wonderful dining.   We read to each other in the Jacuzzi and enjoyed or bed time snack.  

We love everything about the Inn.  Peggy and Terry do a great job paying attention to every detail.  We are two working parents, so breakfast in bed was a rare and special treat.   We shared a shower and a pot of coffee.   The couples massage with April and Bonnie with Massage For Your Health helped us get even more relaxed.  Each couple who visits here will be able to find the activity - or complete lack of activity - that helps them reconnect and be together in a moment of love. 

Dave and Jan, Florissant, MO

We drove the Hermann Wine Trail on a beautiful March day. We stopped at the Visitor's center. and then started with Adam Puchta Winery.  "Adams Choice" was our choice too.  After picking up sandwiches the Village Market we picnicked at the roadside park on Hwy 19, just south of Hermann.  We continued to Swiss on the recommendation of friends who came before us and purchased a steak to grill on our cottage deck.   We took MO Hwy E to New Haven for a visit to Robller Winery.  After that, we traveled west on Hwy 100 to MO Hwy B to Bias Winery, where we bought a growler of Root Beer.  If you want to see a train up close, this is the best place to get a picture.  After Bias, we headed on to Oak Glen.  A bottle of Moonbeam Melody and a picture of the river below their vineyard will be good souvenirs of that wooded drive.   We lunched at Montegues and enjoyed their pulled pork, brisket, and house salad. YUM!   We also had dinner one at El Ranchito and thought the we had the best Taco Salad ever and loved the Chimichanga and margaritas. We watched the sun rise one morning from our hot tub and had after dinner drinks watching the sun set.

While we did not buy anything at Roebler, we got some sage advice: Even if you tried a wine years before, try it again because your tastes change.  That advice alone led us back to Stone Hill.  We'd tried Stone Hill during Octoberfest 12 years ago, so we believed we knew enough about it to skip it this trip.  So glad we followed the advice we got at Robller!  We toured Stone Hill and tried their wines and loved them, including some new wines since the last time, when Pink Catawba was our favorite.  We liked the Vignoles and Port and in fact bought a bottle of 1994 Port that we hope to open on our 20th or 25th anniversary- in 2014 or 2019.   Thanks Hermann hill for a wonderful 15!

FEBRUARY, 2010 What We Did During Our February Stay at Hermann Hill
The Wyatts, Kaseyville, MO
Hermann Hill Room
We arrived at Hermann Hill Inn in the middle of a snowstorm and were welcomed by Terry's friendly smile.  Peggy and Terry treated us like old friends and provided us will all of the necessary "check in" information and room keys and sent us on our way to Hermann Hill Village.  We found our room # 202 and were pleasantly surprised by all of the wonderful amenities.  We quickly settled in, watching DVD's and enjoying the fireplaces and enormous tub while watching the snow fall.   After reheating a delicious breakfast, we ventured into Hermann and stopped at the welcome center and Ricky's Chocolate Box.   On our way back to the village, we picked up groceries at Loutre Market and bought steaks for dinner.   We used the "grilling bowl" in our room and fixed ourselves a wonderful meal.  We were happy to be snow-bound in our room-it was the most relaxing day we have spent together in a long time.  On our last day we woke to a beautiful clear view that the snow had kept hidden the day before.  We had another wonderful breakfast and enjoyed the awesome shower one last time.   We packed up our things and headed home with mixed emotions-sadness that our trip to Hermann had come to an end, but thankful for the rest, relaxation, and rejuvination we enjoyed during our stay.  Thank you for a fabulous get-away and a chance to reconnect with each other.   Hermann Hill Village # 202 will always have a special place in our heart.

Victoria and Gene Kellick
Geneva, IL

On the way to Hermann we stopped for lunch at Marlene's restaurant at Crane's store in Williamsburg, just off I-70.  It's like eating at your childhood friend's home and his/her mom makes really awesome lunches.  We checked in at the Inn and took a nap.  For dinner, we went to Montague's.  The pork chop is Flintstone sized but so delicious and the brisket was like butter.   Don't miss the awesome potato salad and friendly atmosphere.  We slept in past 7 AM, a real luxury because we have kids.  We went to the Visitor's center and then to Rivertown restaurant for lunch.  They have great Rubens.   We love the super-cool guy at the Antique Mall next to the Rivertown Restaurant-his store is great and he's a kick.   Good luck to the store!  Hope it's always successful!  We missed doing the three mile walk again, opting for another nap. For a snack, we love Time for Pie.  So yummy and friendly.  Swiss Meats is our favorite day trip and Stone Hill our favorite winery. The Cross J Norton was fabulous.   What a ride up the hill to Oak Glen winery!  We had dinner at Trapper's Grill.  It doesn't look like much from the outside but the food is so good!  We had the salmon and BBQ shrimp special, and don't miss the Bruschetta.   We skipped the DVD and enjoyed some hot tubbing and Olympic watching.  We had a lovely time!   Thanks again for sharing a wonderful 10 year anniversary gift.  My husband decided this trip's highlights could only be described in a song.  Please forgive the poetry, but here we go: 

The kids are at Grandma's
And we're all alone;
It's just you & me here
In this quiet home.
Let's get together, & make some noise
Let's get together, & make some noise

Some Red from the winery
Chocolate desserts and then...
Hot tub's swirlin around just like
My thoughts have been...
Let's get together & make some noise!
Let's get together & make some noise!

Gene Kellick, 2010

January 2010 What We Did During Our January Stay at Hermann Hill...
Jessica and Ross, Clayton, MO We arrived in Hermann around 11:45 AM and stopped for a local beer, sandwich, and some friendly conversation at the Barrel Bar and Grill. We then walked across First Street to the Kunsler House, a local art store that features items made by Hermann artisans. We checked in at Hermann Hill and picked up a movie from their library on the second floor before going to our cottage. We turned on both fireplaces and watched Indiana Jones, returning to town about 7 PM for dinner at Simon's on the Waterfront. Jessica ordered a delicious shrimp plate and I had the Schnitzel with German potato salad and spiced apple sauce. We each had a glass of Hermannhof's White Lady and Vignoles. After dinner it was back to the cottage for a soak in the hot tub while listening to Lionel Hampton and Oscar. We enjoyed a glass of red wine with the heart shaped Hermann Hill cookies, ice cream, and port chocolate raspberry sauce.

The next day we slept in for a change. When we finally got up for breakfast, we enjoyed our potato egg soufflé and also made some waffles. It was then off to the local wineries. Our favorites are Adam Puchta and Hermannhof.

Amy and Billy, Cape Girardeau, MO We have stayed in a lot of places and the only one that even comes close is Big Cedar Lodge- and you put them to shame. The cottages are so well thought out. The rain shower is amazing and I really liked the heated towels. The aromatherapy fireplace and Jacuzzi tub were great ways to end a day of fun at the local wineries. Our favorite winery was, of course, Adam Puchta. We also really enjoyed the outdoor hot tub. It was an average of 15 degrees outside, and some icicles formed on your hair. That just made it more fun. We'd stay out in the tub for over an hour, watching the ice float down the river and see bald eagles. They fly right down the river. At night, you could see so many stars from our hot tub, including the Big Dipper. And the trains... they sound so romantic. Hermann has many quaint shops and it was fun to explore. It was also nice not be welcomed to the town with a Wal-Mart store. If you can't find romance at Hermann Hill, you need some serious help. The whole experience was amazing.